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Everything You Need To Know About Walmart's Christmas Hours

Because you know there's at least one gift that's still on your list.

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You made your list and you checked it twice. Still, with so much to do, something is bound to slip, and you might forget to purchase something important, like a present for your partner. And naturally, you’re not going to notice that the gift is missing until the big night. So before you slip on some sneaks and head out the door, you should know what Walmart’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day hours are this year. That way, you won’t end up on the naughty list.

Walmart’s Holiday Hours On Christmas Eve 2021

If Walmart is your go-to store for gifts, you’re in luck. You and all of your fellow frantic last-minute shoppers will be able to shop at Walmart on Christmas Eve 2021, but don’t expect the superstore to hold normal hours. Walmart stores will be open on Christmas Eve — just not for the entire day. In fact, you can expect Walmart to close up shop at 6:00 p.m. on December 24, reports. That means if you’re looking to purchase a present for your kiddo that Santa’s elves didn’t make themselves, at least you have a chance to find it at the store. (Just don’t be a Grinch and groan when you see the long lines.) To avoid overheating on line, you can start your day super early, since Walmart is planning to open at 12:00 a.m.

Are Walmart Stores Open On Christmas Day?

But if you thought you could dash through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh (read: your car) to pick up some AA batteries that must have fallen out of Santa's bag come December 25, think again. All Walmart stores are closed on Christmas Day. So if you need a replacement toy for the one that won’t work, or (welp) are in major need of some spiked eggnog to get through the chaos of Christmas Day, you’re sadly going to have to wait, or see if any other stores in your area are open.

When does Walmart reopen after the Holidays?

Come December 26, though, it’s a brand new day, and Walmart greeters will be there with bells on to welcome you back. That’s right, Walmart will reopen with normal business hours on Saturday, December 26. That means that you can pick up anything from tech to toys, produce to pet gear — and probably wait on a lengthy returns and exchanges line.

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