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20 Pretty Mother's Day Zoom Backgrounds To Hide Your Messy House

You don’t want your dirty dishes on display.

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Whether your mom lives far away or close by, there are plenty of reasons why you may pick a virtual Mother’s Day celebration this year. And while you’re probably a pro at navigating Zoom and other video conferencing options by now, a fun Mother’s Day Zoom background can definitely take your hangout up a notch.

From brunch scenes, to swanky vacation vibes, or beautiful flowers, your mom will never know if your motivation in choosing these virtual backgrounds is actually to hide the mounds of dishes and unfolded laundry behind you. Instead she’ll be touched and maybe a little surprised about where you are and how you got there (so be prepared to field a ton of questions if she hasn’t seen a virtual background before, as well as provide a step-by-step tutorial for her to switch up her own background). With a little thoughtful planning, a virtual Mother’s Day celebration can be really fun, and a sweet Mother’s Day Zoom background adds to the ambience.

Changing your Zoom background is actually very easy: in Zoom, just click on ‘Settings’, then ‘Virtual Background’, and select your image, which you can download right from this list. And best of all, all of these backgrounds are free so you have more to spend on a Mother’s Day card or a gift your mom will love.

Brunch-themed Mother’s Day virtual backgrounds

If she’s not a breakfast-in-bed person, then chances are she’ll appreciate a Mother’s Day brunch, even if it’s virtual. You could have her favorite foods delivered, send some Mother’s Day decorations, then set the virtual scene with one of these cute brunch backgrounds. Choose from finger food in a cozy apartment, a chalkboard in a restaurant, an aerial view of beautiful, simple brunch food, or a clean bright kitchen that won’t get messed up.

Floral virtual backgrounds for Mother’s Day

From illustrated florals, to a flower wall fit for a celebrity celebration, or a pretty spring bouquet, florals are a must (and, no, a Mother’s Day Zoom background won’t replace sending her the real thing).

Vacation Zoom backgrounds for Mother’s Day

If you wish you could whisk your mom way on an amazing vacation, well, you can (kind of). Whether it’s a beautiful pool in San Diego, water views in New Zealand or Cuba, or a swanky urban hotel, there’s a Mother’s Day Zoom background to show her where you wish you could celebrate (maybe next year).

Mother’s Day dessert-oriented Zoom backgrounds

What is a celebration without dessert? These mouth-watering Mother’s Day virtual backgrounds feature the most beautiful springy tarts, colorful macarons, yummy brownies, or strawberry shortcake. If you’re going to opt to display a sweet treat, then make sure your mom has her favorite dessert on-hand because these will make her hungry.

Beautiful homes to use as Mother’s Day virtual background

Whether your house is a little messy and you don’t want your mom to see your laundry pile, or you just want to act like you’re somewhere beautiful and calm, these Mother’s Day Zoom backgrounds do the trick. There’s the coolest A-frame house, a magical outdoor scene with fairy lights, a waterfall from the Missouri Botanical Gardens, or a chic loft space with the prettiest couch.

If you can’t take your mom to brunch, a fancy hotel, or a beach vacation this year, you can at least get her there virtually with the help of these Mother’s Day Zoom backgrounds that’ll, at the very least, be a good conversation starter.

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