June 6. 2023


April 2023

The New Parents Issue

Parenthood doesn't come with a map — you’ll have to learn to navigate all on your own. But let the seasoned experts cheer you on along the way...

Letter From The Editors

No one has been sugarcoating the experience of parenting lately. And for good reason. Americans don’t get paid family leave; childcare is unaffordable and in short supply; housing costs are ballooning; women are still somehow doing the majority of domestic labor. It’s enough to make you think that maybe parenting is for chumps who don’t like sleep or free time or money.

And maybe that’s fair, but we want to make sure you know there’s more to it than that. We’re not here to convince anyone that procreating is the only, or even the best route, to happiness and fulfillment — it’s certainly not the only way to build a family. But as your fellow chumps-in-arms, we’d like to say a few words in its defense.

As Evie Ebert puts it in her essay for this issue, “The planet lit up in Technicolor once my baby was here breathing its oxygen. I laughed out loud at 6 a.m. for the first time in my life. One day I took 50 photos of his feet.” In this year’s New Parents Issue, we want to offer a bit of hard-won advice and commiseration. But mostly we want to celebrate how far you’ve come and welcome you to the other side. There is so much joy ahead.

—Romper Editors

The Surveillance State For Babies

Where The Wired Things Are

Sleep monitors, smart cribs, AI-enabled strollers: These days, your baby’s nursery might resemble a surveillance state. But is that a good thing?

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Postpartum Sex

10 Things To Talk Through Before Having Postpartum Sex

by Autumn Jones
More than words

The Sweetest Quotes About Children

by Jessica Booth

All of your big feelings, put into words.


How To Stop Breastfeeding When You’re Ready To Wean

by Miranda Rake

Whether you need to do it quickly, or can take a gradual approach, lactation consultants explain how to wean.


The 18-Month Sleep Regression: Expert Advice To Get You Through

by Miranda Rake

You all deserve good sleep.

Baby Sleep

Expert Advice For Managing A 12 Month Sleep Regression

by Miranda Rake

How to get everyone sleeping through the night again.

baby sleep

The 8-10 Month Sleep Regression: Expert Advice To Get You Through It

by Miranda Rake

Wait, another one?!

Splish, Splash!

Splish, Splash, It’s Baby’s First Bath!

by Jamie Kenney

And you’re going to take a bazillion pictures, so here are some captions to go along with them.

Birthday Suit Squad

Why Do Some Toddlers Love To Be Naked? They Have Their Reasons

by Katie McPherson

As long as the diaper’s still on, right?

Baby Sleep

The 4 Month Sleep Regression: Survival Tips From Baby Sleep Experts

by Miranda Rake

Here’s how to get back on track, fast.


Cradle Cap Is Normal & So Is Your Desire To Get Rid Of It. Here’s How

by Miranda Rake

It’ll go away on its own, but you can speed up the process if you want to.

Let's Go On An Adventure

The Best Travel Tips For Solo Parenting

by Samantha Darby

Traveling sounds hard when you’re doing it alone — and with kids — but you can do it.


Tips to Beat Jet Lag, For You & Your Kids

by Sarah Jaffe

Because every traveler dreads it.


What Parents Need To Know About Sleep Training & Breastfeeding

by Ashley Jones

Like, is it even possible?


When Can A Baby Sleep On Their Stomach? Doctors Weigh In

by Jennifer Parris

Age is just a number.


Pincer Grasp: What Parents Need To Know

by Ashley Jones

Like how to work on this skill with your baby.


Is A Teething Fever Really A Thing? Pediatricians Explain

by Miranda Rake

How to tell if Baby is sick or just teething.