July 16. 2024


New Parents Issue 2023

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Eyes on the prize: bragging rights.

Parenthood doesn't come with a map — you’ll have to learn to navigate all on your own. But let the seasoned experts cheer you on along the way.


Expect The Unexpected

Let it all surprise you, because it’s going to anyway.

by Miranda Rake
Had To Share

Yes, The Ridiculously-Priced Snoo Really Did Save Our Sanity

And, you don’t have to pay full price to reap the benefits.

by Miranda Rake

The New Baby Etiquette Guide With Werner Herzog*

*not the real one, the sad beige one

by Hayley DeRoche

Baby’s Gotta Eat

Science vs. Grandma

Do Lactation Boosters Really Work? What Experts Want You To Know

Get your galactagogue on and ask a professional.

by Alexandra Frost

Combination Feeding 101

It doesn’t have to be formula vs. breast milk — you can totally do both.

by Barbara Kimberly Seigel

Your Complete Guide To Storing Breast Milk For Short- Or Long-Term Use

And how to properly prepare it for Baby afterward.

by Barbara Kimberly Seigel
fed is best

Stop Talking About Formula Feeding Like It’s Always A “Last Resort"

When I fill a bottle for my daughter, it’s an expression of love.

by Elizabeth Skoski
Splish Splash

These 16 Swimsuits Make Nursing By The Water So Much Easier

Even pumping is a breeze in these suits.

by Jennifer Parris and Grace Gallagher
Quiet Quitting

7 Totally Common Reasons You Might Stop Breastfeeding

Do what works for you.

by Jennifer D'Angelo Friedman

The Surveillance State For Babies

Where The Wired Things Are

Sleep monitors, smart cribs, AI-enabled strollers: These days, your baby’s nursery might resemble a surveillance state. But is that a good thing?

by Sophie Brickman

How To Prep Your Relationship For A Baby

We take birthing classes, read parenting books, and research crib mattresses. Why don’t we do the same for our relationships?

by Katie C. Reilly

I Couldn’t Have a Baby, But My Wife Could. So I Induced Lactation to Nurse Our Son.

Breastfeeding became a tangible way for me — and others — to see my place in our new little family.

by Katie Taylor

When You Don’t Want To Share Your Baby

But literally everyone wants to hold them.

by Samantha Darby

Sometimes You Just Have A Bad Sleeper

And it is not your fault.

by Katie McPherson

The Technicolor Good Stuff

The party line wherever I turned was that having kids was going to ruin my life, but my kids delight me every day.

by Evie Ebert
Baby Sleep

Sleep Regressions: What They Are, When They Happen & Survival Tips

How to get back on track when your baby’s sleep goes haywire.

by Miranda Rake


3 Questions That Will Tell You What Kind Of Crawler Your Baby Is

Spoiler alert: they’re all perfect.

by Kristen Mae

When Will My Baby Start Moving? An Expert Explains What To Expect & How To Prepare

Ready, set, go!

by Erin Celletti

How The Right Diaper Helps Foster A Sense Of Security In Your Little Mover

You want them to feel comfortable and confident as they begin exploring the world.

by Erin Celletti

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Got Milk? Then Store It

The Best Breast Milk Storage Bags, Ranked

by Jessica Booth

Because that liquid gold has to be kept safe.

More than words

The Sweetest Quotes About Children

by Jessica Booth

All of your big feelings, put into words.


How To Stop Breastfeeding When You’re Ready To Wean

by Miranda Rake

Whether you need to do it quickly, or can take a gradual approach, lactation consultants explain how to wean.


The 18-Month Sleep Regression: Expert Advice To Get You Through

by Miranda Rake

You all deserve good sleep.

Baby Sleep

Expert Advice For Managing A 12 Month Sleep Regression

by Miranda Rake

How to get everyone sleeping through the night again.

baby sleep

The 8-10 Month Sleep Regression: Expert Advice To Get You Through It

by Miranda Rake

Wait, another one?!

Splish, Splash!

Splish, Splash, It’s Baby’s First Bath!

by Jamie Kenney

And you’re going to take a bazillion pictures, so here are some captions to go along with them.

Birthday Suit Squad

Why Do Some Toddlers Love To Be Naked? They Have Their Reasons

by Katie McPherson

As long as the diaper’s still on, right?

Baby Sleep

The 4 Month Sleep Regression: Survival Tips From Baby Sleep Experts

by Miranda Rake

Here’s how to get back on track, fast.


Cradle Cap Is Normal & So Is Your Desire To Get Rid Of It. Here’s How

by Miranda Rake

It’ll go away on its own, but you can speed up the process if you want to.