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10 Super Sweet Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Father's Day


Finding out you're pregnant is an exciting moment, but finally revealing the big news to your friends and family is especially joyful. For some lucky parents-to-be, these moments happen to line up with a holiday. These Father's Day pregnancy announcements can surprise your nearest and dearest, celebrate dad, and help make the day truly memorable.

The timing of this holiday is especially perfect if you still need to reveal the news to your own parents. If you usually spend Father's Day with your dad, then he won't even expect anything extra from your gifts or cards. You could just take him out for a lovely lunch and casually reveal the fact that he's about to become a grandfather. It will become the most unforgettable Father's Day ever.

If the pregnancy is still very early, then you may not have revealed the news to your own partner yet. If you feel comfortable doing so, then making this first Father's Day especially meaningful with the revelation of your pregnancy can create a special moment for you both.

And even if you're just sharing the news with more distant friends and relatives over social media, it's still a fun reveal. There will be tons of Happy Father's Day posts from everyone, but yours will have the added element of surprise. Whether you're making the announcement to your partner, your own father, or the whole world, Father's Day is an ideal time to share the joyful news of your pregnancy.


Give Your Dad A Cute Baby Onesie

When your dad opens this adorable baby onesie emblazoned with “Hello Grandpa” on Father’s Day, he is sure to experience a rush of emotions learning that he is a grandfather-to-be. What an incredible gift.


Give Your Partner A Clever Father's Day Card

If your partner doesn’t yet know that you’re expecting, handing him a cheeky Father’s Day card like this one from Destinee Creates Stuff can help let the cat out of the bag in a hilarious way. Once he gets past the shock of it all, he will surely appreciate the Maury reference.


Post A New Family Photo

While everyone is scrolling through a host of obligatory Father’s Day family photos, you can post a fun new family picture introducing your newest addition. Your social page is sure to fill with congratulatory well-wishes in the blink of an eye. This is especially fun if you already have children who can participate in the pic, or even pets who can be involved.


Frame The Ultrasound Pic

Wrap up a printed copy of the ultrasound photo in a custom frame and give it to your dad as a bonus Father's Day gift. This is also a fantastic gift idea for dads-to-be as well. Whatever the case, it will make a great impression.


Serve Up A Surprise Over Coffee

This magic coffee mug is an incredible way to surprise an unsuspecting partner with your big news on Father’s Day. It starts off looking like a plan black mug, but when you pour hot liquid inside, the outside of the mug changes to reveal an ultrasound photo and a message that reads, “Daddy: This Father's Day I'll be snuggled up in Mommy's belly, but next Father's Day, I'll be snuggled up with you (Mommy says it's the best).”


Use Food As A Clue

Invite your loved ones over for a Father’s Day brunch where the menu includes some not-so-subtle hints about your pregnancy announcement. Between pickles and ice cream and mimosas minus the bubbly, your family should catch on pretty quick. After everyone figures out the news, relish in the celebration and break out the actual brunch food to enjoy Father’s Day with the family.


Give Your Partner A Surprise Gift

If you don’t already have kids, your guy probably isn’t expecting to receive a gift on Father’s Day. You can surprise him with a gift that reveals your pregnancy in a fun and quirky way like this t-shirt that gives the news with a nod to those dad jokes he makes constantly.


Stage A Photoshoot

You have likely seen plenty of videos on social media where an unsuspecting dad-to-be has his back turned in a staged photoshoot before facing his partner who is holding a sign revealing the news. They’re nearly all tear-jerkers and perfect for a Father’s Day reveal. Even if you just get a friend to shoot some pics, photographing the reveal to your partner or family can capture a heartwarming moment you'll remember forever.


Put A Bun In The Oven

If your family comes over for a typical Father’s Day meal, ask your dad or partner to put something in the oven, where a bun will be waiting for him. Is it kind of a cheesy move? Sure. But it's one surprise your nearest and dearest will never forget, and this hilarious and sweet video from America's Funniest Home Videos proves it. Oh, and be sure to have someone film the whole reveal, because you'll probably get some amazing reactions from your family.


Say It With A Spoon

Serve up a Father’s Day meal plus a surprise by giving guests an unsuspecting utensil that reveals your pregnancy. This engraved spoon that reads, “We’re Expecting,” is an incredibly sly way to announce your news and is an adorable keepsake. You may even be halfway through dessert before anyone notices, but when they do, they’re sure to be thrilled.

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