10 Moms Describe The Most Annoying Thing About Being Pregnant

I have to admit, at the risk of being hated by pregnant women everywhere; I loved being pregnant. Of course, I was very lucky in that I experienced a relatively easy pregnancy. Yes I had the odd ache or pain, a little heartburn, and I needed a nap everyday, but for the most part I felt fantastic. However, I understand that many women do not like pregnancy, and I may not if I ever get pregnant again. So, I asked some amazing moms to describe the most annoying thing about being pregnant.

Women are pretty amazing beings. We sacrifice our own happiness and comfort for months on end, in order to bring babies into the world. Of course, it's not always an easy road, especially if you have a complicated pregnancy, are expecting multiples, have existing health conditions, or if you're just not feeling the whole parasite feeding off your body vibe. I mean, you can only throw up every morning for six consecutive months before the whole "carrying human life inside your body" thing starts to get old.

Although I enjoyed being pregnant, I can admit I didn't love every single moment. Some part were nothing short of irksome, like the constant doctor appointments, worrying about every little thing I ate and whether it was a nutritious choice for my baby, and wading through the barrage of never-ending, often conflicting advice. Pregnancy can be exhausting, and not just because you're growing another human. So, in the name of solidarity and because nothing bad can come from being honest about pregnancy, here are a few women on what they found to be the most annoying about the entire baby growing process:


"Morning/noon/night sickness. I couldn't eat any of the things I loved and pretty much hated life for nine months. Fun, right?"


"Pregnancy was not fun for me but there were two babies in there. The most annoying thing was ultra sounds every two weeks, carpel tunnel in my hands, heart burn; I could go on. I was beyond uncomfortable."


"I hated everyone treating me differently. I am very independent and really resented the coddling."


"Having to listen to all the know-it-all older women telling me I'll never sleep again. They are ruining it for me!"


"I didn't have many symptoms but I did spot throughout my pregnancy. I found it quite stressful, but all my ultrasounds kept showing the baby was fine. It just made me panic every time."


"I am due any day and haven't had a good nights sleep in weeks. I just cant get comfortable."


"Normally I really don't drink that much at all, but there's something about being told you can't have something that has me wanting it even more. Plus, it was pretty weird to celebrate my birthday without a cocktail."


"For me, it's looking after my very energetic toddler while pregnant, I have no energy to play with him at all and he just doesn't understand."


"Pimples. Since I got pregnant it's like being a teenager again."