10 Mother's Day Gifts For Your Sister, Because She Deserves It

My sister Amanda is pretty flipping cool. I've said it before, but I will say it again: There are a few people I need by my side to do this thing called life and she is one of them. Sure, Amanda can be a pain and she doesn't understand the concept of coffee before talk-y (the girl wakes up ready to go), but she also channels that enthusiasm to encourage me to take big chances, and she holds my hand while I do it. That's why when it comes to the finding Mother's Day gifts for your sister, I understand just how important that task is to you.

Because whether she is your sister by blood or choice, it can be tough to find the perfect gift for the girl who picks up the phone no matter the hour. So, I went ahead and scoured some of the best ideas out there because an ordinary gift just won't do. Whether your sister needs a solution for helping her snooze more soundly or new pieces to add to her already stylish wardrobe, you're bound to find something that shows her you are thrilled to count yourself among the people who know her best.

1. Flowers That Last A Year

Saaya Rose

Saaya Roses, starting at $35, Saaya Rose

OK, I bought these for my mom for her birthday and they are simply stunning. And the best part? You can say goodbye to Mother's Day flowers that last a few days because these Saaya Roses will last a year or longer with absolutely no water needed. Choose your color and packaging, and treat your sis to year-round natural beauty.

2. Help Her Catch Some Zzzs


nodpod Sleep Mask, $25, nodpod

If your sister is constantly feeling a little sleep-deprived, then you may want to snag her this nodpod sleep mask. Pairing the benefits of blocking out light with micro-bead weighted sleep therapy, the mask is meant to not only help users score more shut-eye, but relief from anxiety or stress that may be causing restlessness. I've been using one for about a week now and I have to say that while I had my doubts anything could help my terrible sleeping habits, this mask has made it easier to fall asleep more quickly and snooze longer.

3. Add Some More Style To Her Closet

Courtesy Of Tobi

TroubleMaker Medium Wash Cropped Denim Jacket, $44, Tobi

Just because your sister is a mother doesn't mean she can't bring some serious style to her mom game. Take this denim jacket from Tobi. I mean, I feel like a jean jacket is a wardrobe essential, but this one brings some serious style points with its distressed denim material and cropped bodice.

4. When She Adores Animals (& Snail Mail)


Handmade Cat Return Address Stamp, starting at $33, Etsy

I don't know if I've ever met an animal-adorned anything that I don't love. That's why I am pretty smitten with this Cat Return Address Stamp from the PaperPeachShop. If your sister adores animals (and sends mail on the regular), then you'll want to check out the many available options, including a pug, eagle, rabbit, and even unicorn.

5. A Bit Of Zen Stashed In Her Purse


doTERRA Yoga Collection, $70, doTERRA

If you haven't jumped on the essential oils train, then the question is really — why not? After all, a single roller ball can make you feel all kinds of Zen and what busy mom doesn't need a bit of that? Scoop up this sweet yoga-inspired gift set from doTERRA and give your sister a boost of calm that she can stash in her bag for those grocery store meltdowns or a stolen quiet moment to herself.

6. A Little Love For Her Growing Bump

Body Boost

Body Boost's Bump Love Kit, $26, Body Boost

My sister will be 22 weeks pregnant on this upcoming Mother's Day, so I am treating her to all things self care. That's why I love this Body Boost Bump Love Kit, which includes stretch mark butter and oil, raw sugar scrub, and an aroma mist. Treat a mama-to-be to one of two scents — Milk & Honey or Lavender Vanilla.

7. Say Sayonara To Everyday Yoga Pants

Courtesy Of Lysse

Waverly Joggers, $98, Lysse

Whether I am at my desk or running around with my daughter, I kind of love to be comfortable — but I also like to look cute while doing it. That's why I'm in love with these stylish-but-relaxed Waverly Joggers from Lysse. Scoop up a pair for your busy sis and she will thank you for keeping her comfort (and good taste) intact.

8. A Small, Beautiful Reminder


"Inhale Exhale Repeat" Copper Necklace, $37, Etsy

Because every mama needs something to cling to every now and then, right? That's why this "Inhale Exhale Repeat" necklace from ZennedOut is all kinds of awesome, not only because it provides a relaxing reminder, but the hand-stamped copper makes it especially gorgeous.

9. The Gift Of Self Love


This Is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today by Chrissy Metz, $16, Amazon

Because you love your sister just as she is, you'll want to score this new book from This Is Us star Chrissy Metz. Both autobiographical and inspirational, Metz uses the book to encourage readers to claim their "rightful place in a world that may be trying to knock us down, find our own unique gifts, and pursue our dreams," according to Amazon.

10. A Reminder Of The Sisterhood

The Bee & the Fox

"Here's to Strong Women" Print, $25, The Bee & the Fox

I mean, women are pretty flipping cool, am I right? Wrap up this solid "Strong Women" print from The Bee & the Fox as a reminder to your sister that she's one of your favorite tough gals, and that you're thrilled to be ensuring the strength of future generations with her at your side.

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