10 People My Toddler Loves More Than Me When I Screw Up

Sippy cups have been the unexpected, and relatively unimportant, bane of my existence. It took forever to find one my daughter would (or could) sip from, and once we found the right one it turned into another one of my daughter's appendages. Luckily, we have a few of the same type, but heaven forbid they're all in the dishwasher at the same time and I have to rely on one of the back-ups, because there are at least 10 people my toddler loves more than me when I give her the wrong sippy cup.

Toddlers are so fickle and dramatic, so the littlest thing can turn into an epic tantrum. I don't mind my daughter throwing a temper tantrum about certain things that I have no control over and/or know won't harm her. Like, for example, the sippy cup drama. Toddler tantrums aren't the best, by any means and regardless of the meaning behind them, but when a sippy cup is involved I know it's nothing more than a representation of her frustration and inability to identity her emotions, and not something serious I should pay more attention so.

Still, if my partner and I happen to have accidentally thrown every one of her favorite sippy cups in the dishwasher — or if she decides she really wants the pink one, not the green one — beware. That qualifies for an instant demotion, and I stop being "best mom ever" and start being "least favorite person on the planet." So, with that in mind, here are just a few people my daughter loves more than me when I hand over the wrong sippy cup.

My Partner

This is an easy one. My daughter absolutely loves my husband more than me whenever I've done something to offend her, like asking her to pick up the books she just threw all over the floor or offering her the "wrong" vegetable for dinner. Of course, if I hand over the wrong sippy cup, she's quickly running to dad and telling him all about my recent transgression.

Her Pediatrician

My daughter doesn't like her pediatrician very much, especially since she figured out that the pediatrician comes armed with shots. Wrong sippy cup, though? Yeah, she'd choose him and his vaccinations over me any day.

The Post Lady

Although I might choose her over me as well, she's a really cozy grandma-type who's always showing me photos of her grandkids. My daughter would probably love playing with the kids, so this one actually just makes sense.

Her Grandmother

To be fair, my daughter would choose her grammy over me 99 percent of the time anyway, but if I offer the wrong sippy cup she might never come back to me.

Her Daycare Teachers

Typically it's about 50/50 who she'll choose between me and her daycare teachers, but I know exactly which way she'd run if the world ended. Oh, I mean if I offered her the wrong sippy cup.

The Guy Who Comes To Blow The Leaves

I'll never get over this bizarre Houston, Texas addiction to blowing leaves all year round. My daughter is usually terrified of the noise it makes, but faced with the wrong sippy cup and she might change her mind.

Her Friend's Mom

Any of her friend's moms, really. Maybe her friend's dads, too, although they're usually a little further down the list simply because she sees them less.

The Neighbor Lady

Absolutely my daughter would love the neighbor lady more than me if I was offering her the wrong sippy cup. Honestly, I wouldn't even be that offended. I like the neighbor lady, too, and her cats are cuddly and her house is quiet and it just seems like such a magical place to live.

The FedEx Delivery Guy

I mean, he seems friendly.

Anyone & Everyone

I'm literally the last person on her love list if I've given her the wrong sippy cup. I might stay that low on her list for a good few hours, too, depending on her current temperament and the length of the ensuing tantrum.

Oh motherhood. Who would have thought my likability as a human being would ever be determined on the type and color of a sippy cup.