Why Being Pregnant On Valentine's Day Is The Best

There are not a lot of times when being pregnant is the best. When you're at a theme park known for extreme roller coasters, for example, would be a terrible place for a pregnant woman. When you're at a beer garden, or mosh pit, or an all-you-can-eat sushi bar? Hard pass. Your best friend's bachelorette party. No thanks. I mean, the list goes on and on. However, Valentine’s Day is an exception. I personally think there are a number of reasons why being pregnant on Valentine’s Day is the best.

On a personal note, this list could easily be two to three times as long if we acknowledged all the specific candies and chocolate and baked goods that us romantic types have access to during Valentine’s Day. My current pregnancy has me craving sweets like no other, to the point where I have dipped a spoon straight into a can of frosting (I feel no shame). And, if I’m being totally honest, I will probably do it again, too, because I know for a fact that that jar of frosting is still in the fridge. And, we still have spoons. Um, yeah. BRB.

What were we just talking about, again? Oh right, Valentine’s Day. Anyway, here are reasons, beyond the copious amounts of sugar, why it’s great to be pregnant on Valentine’s Day:

Because Any Effort You Put Into The Holiday Should Be Extremely Well Received

To be fair, any effort you put into anything right now should be extremely well-received, since you’re also growing a human. Did you manage to make a dinner reservation? Buy a gift? Wrap that gift? You deserve all the awards.

Because You’re Exempt From Wearing Heels To Go Out

Assuming you and your partner lean towards traditional celebrations like fancy dinner dates, you have my permission to skip the heels. If anyone balks, just remind them that it’s a safety hazard since your center of balance has shifted and we can’t have that now, can we? Definitely not. Flats it is.

Because You’re Exempt From Even Going Out

Of course, don’t let me stop you if you want that date night. However, maybe you don’t want to go out. Maybe the idea of sweats and sleep is more appealing. Maybe you’d rather stay in and eat all the chocolates that your significant other brought you because, well, why wouldn't you? I see you, women who like to stay in. I see you.

Because Gifts Of Stuffed Animals Make Great Pillows

Coming from a pregnant woman who keeps a viselike grip on my fuzzy body pillow even during my deepest stages of slumber, the thought of more soft things that I can sleep on right now is dreamy.

Because Have I Mentioned The Sweets?

Speaking of chocolates, perhaps you’ve heard that Valentine’s Day often involves sweets? If your cravings are on the sweet side (like mine currently are), this is excellent news. If your cravings are by chance not on the sweet side (like my last pregnancy), let me know and I will gladly take any extras off your hands.

Because Since You Can't Drink, You Don’t Have To Worry About Overindulging And Having A Hangover The Next Day

Although, we probably still want to be careful about cupcake hangovers. That's something to watch out for.

Because Receiving Flowers Reminds You How Awesome You Are At Taking Care Of Living Things

What pregnant woman doesn’t like a reminder of how awesome she is at taking care of living things, right? I’ll take all of them that I can get, thanks. Please send me all your plants and puppies (but not cats, I'm allergic).

Because You’ll Probably Get To Open A Gift That’s Not For The Baby

For the record, I love opening baby gifts and will never not appreciate the gesture. However, it is nice to have a gift that's meant for me, and only me, that I can enjoy without having to give birth first.

Because You'll Find The Image Of Cupid To Be Cute And Not Weird. Maybe?

I mean, if there's ever a time we'd find Cupid cute, I suppose this would be it. Let's not look too much into the fact that he's a baby with arrows (has no adult in his life ever heard of baby-proofing?) and just enjoy his cuteness. Just this once.

Because You Have More Love To Go Around

Is this sentiment cheesy? A little, yes. Is it also true? Absolutely. Having my first son brought an immeasurable amount of new love into my life, and the same is proving to be true as I prepare for my second child. Happy Valentine's Day, indeed.