10 Texts Every Mom Sends Her Friends When She's Trying To Put Her Kid To Bed

Oh, bedtime; the daily struggle that is trying to convince your kid to give up playing in favor of unconsciousness, so they can be well-rested enough for another day of play. I don't know about you, but my kid's bedtime can be the most frustrating and welcomed, loud and peaceful, juxtaposing moment of the day. Some nights are easy, while others are significantly more challenging, but whether they're good bad or some form of both, my friends are going to hear about them.There are definitely more than a few texts moms send friends during their kid's bedtime because, let's face it, misery loves company.

Not only do you need to vent when your kid is fighting sleep with a frustrating amount of success, but it definitely does help to have support from friends when sleep seems like a pipe dream. When you're exhausted and your kid is exhausted and what should be a no-brainer (because, honestly, who doesn't like sleep?) becomes a battle, you'll need to reach out and hear a few words of encouragement. Trust me.

Over the last few years, I have tried a variety of different things to help my daughter go to sleep. Some nights, though, it seems like it takes forever for her to pass out and nothing I try seems to work. I always try to make sure my daughter gets a good night's sleep, but that depends on not only my timing and the methods I use (or attempt to use), but also on her desire and will power. While these nights are long and stressful, they are also well worth it, if only for the texts I'm able to send my friends, which definitely include the following:

When Your Kid Does Something Weird To Avoid Sleep

My kid will calmly and quietly talk to her toys when she's not really ready for bed yet, but not necessarily angry with me for putting her in bed. She'll sit there and walk around her bed, from one end to the other talking, to her toys and having full-on conversations. Hey, if it makes you happy and not fussy, go for it!

When You Get A False Sense Of Hope

I'll be talking to a friend and, all of a sudden, realize it's quiet. Finally. Maybe she's actually asleep, or maybe she's playing possum. Only time will tell, but for now, I'm going to hope she's asleep and share that hope with my friend, who better not jinxed it.

When You Can't Escape Reality

Yeah, she's not asleep yet. She's definitely playing possum. Some noise, whether that is a full blown cry or just a little squeak, will remind you that your kid is just pretending to sleep and you have a ways to go before all is quiet on the home front. You thought it'd be simple, didn't you?

When You Realize You Have Way Too Much To Do

It doesn't take me long to realize how much I have to do and what time it is. While I enjoy the bedtime playing game, I need you to go to sleep, baby girl. Mom has stuff she needs to get done too, after all.

When You're Just Frustrated

When the bedtime playing game doesn't stop and you are just getting plain frustrated, you're not alone and you definitely don't want to feel like you're alone. It can be a long, difficult process to get your child to sleep and you be able to sneak away to do what you need to do before you go to bed, too. Sometimes you simply need to vent and, well, that's what friends are for, right?

When It's Time To Call In The Troops

You've literally tried everything you can think of and absolutely nothing is working. You've past the point of frustration and, at this point, you're just desperate. Whether your friend is a mom or not, you're up for any and all suggestions. Seriously, someone tell me what to do!

When You're Just Too Tired To Deal

When you are rocking them to sleep or laying with them until they fall asleep, you may start to actually put yourself to sleep, too. I mean, you are in a nice, cool, dark room and on a comfy chair or bed with your eyes closed (most likely). Why not just take a little nap? It couldn't hurt, right?

When They Finally Go To Sleep

Finally, some peace and quiet. Your child is finally asleep and you have successfully snuck out of the room without waking them and all feels right in the world, again. Suddenly you remember what quiet sounds like and, yeah, it's nice.

When Your Kid Becomes Cute Again

Your kid just looks so sweet and angelic when they are sleeping, right? It's enough to make anyone forget the tough, long, sometimes frustrating day and fall in love all over again.

When You Realize It's Not All That Bad

In the peace, quiet, and stillness that is the moments after your kid is finally asleep, you have time to reflect. Whether your day was easy or trying, when your baby is asleep you have the ability to step back and be thankful for absolutely everything (even the bad days). Time smooths everything over and you realize that all the frustration is worth it. You're able to watch your child grow and learn and get them ready for the world and, well, motherhood is pretty great. Yes, even when it means you've lost a significant amount of sleep.