10 'The Office' Face Masks On Etsy For Social Distancing Dunder Mifflin Style

If you're going to wear a face mask anyway, why not have a little fun with it? For mega-fans of the sitcom, The Office face masks on Etsy are one way to breathe a little humor into the whole social distancing situation. If nothing else, these masks invite you to imagine how well the employees of Dunder Mifflin would react to the events of 2020. (Can you imagine Dwight in a quarantine?)

As long as you follow some basic reusable face mask care tips (AKA, wash it like any other piece of laundry), then your fabric masks can be printed with any character, quote, or design you like. In fact, the group from The Office isn't the only game in town, because there are also Golden Girls face masks, a Schitt's Creek face mask (with a totally perfect quote), and plenty of Disney character face masks. Inspired by your favorite characters, these masks can help make light of this totally weird situation. Plus, your references might make another fan smile when you're out buying groceries, so that's a cool bonus.

And really, there's a perfect mask for just about every fan of The Office out there, from the Stanley stans to the Michael loyalists. It's the perfect thing to wear until you're able to come back home and marathon-watch the series for the millionth time. (It's okay; I laugh at Kevin in the chili scene every time, too.)

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'The Office' Face Mask

If you can't decide on a favorite character from The Office, then wear a mask that includes everybody. It's basically like wearing everybody from the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch on your face, which is a dream come true.


Stanley "Did I Stutter?" Printed Face Mask

Stanley stans rejoice: there's a mask just for you. Wear this mask when you're 1,000 percent done with anybody who isn't following social distancing recommendations.


The Office TV Show Face Mask

This mask features the show's logo, as well as Michael Scott's all-time favorite joke. Fellow fans of The Office will definitely get a kick out of this reference.


Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica Face Mask

Fans of The Office will love you for wearing this mask. Everybody else will be a little confused, which is all part of the fun.


Customized Face Mask - Michael Scott

Honestly, it's an OK time to be a little bit stitious. It's totally understandable. Even superstitious.


Quarantine Mike Mask

OK, but can the show come back for just one more episode? Because I need to see Quarantine Mike in action.


The Office Mask

Ever wish you were an employee of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company? Now you can rock the company name on your face.


Office Face Mask

It's a subtle way to represent your love for the show. How many characters can you recognize from hairstyle alone?


Scott Face Cover

Let the cool, calm leadership skills of Michael Scott give you strength. He is the best boss, after all.


Dwight Reusable Mask

This excellent portrait of Dwight can be your quarantine pal. After all, this assistant to the regional manager knows a few survival skills.