10 Things Every New Mom Will Eventually Apologize To Her Kid's Teacher For

My boys haven't even been in "preschool" for more than a few months, but I've already found myself apologizing to both of their teachers. I had always hoped to be the "cool mom" who had it together (you know, the one that teachers love), but I didn't realize how much of a challenge dropping my children off at school and into the care of someone else, would truly be. I get that there are things every mom will eventually apologize to her kid's teacher for, but I didn't think that I'd be asking for forgiveness this early in the game.

Of course, there are things that all women and moms need to stop apologizing for, and kids just being kids is definitely on that list. Still, that hasn't stopped me from saying sorry when, even in the back of my mind, I know an apology isn't necessary. I guess I just have a lot of respect and appreciation for my kids' teachers and all that they do, and I don't want my kids to become those kids who drive her to drowning her sorrows in a tall glass of rose' every night. I definitely don't want to be that mom who causes a teacher to run for the hills when they see my car pull into the parking lot.

I'm doing my best to be a perfect mom but, well, I'm definitely failing at that more than I'd like to admit. I want my sons' teachers to be excited (and honestly a little relieved) when they see my kids walk through the door, so I tend to apologize to them more than what's probably necessary. I'm sure I'm not alone, though, as it seems like all of my friends with kids are worried about having those kids, too. So, in the end we've all apologized to teachers for the following things, at some point.

Our Kid Showing Up Smelling Like The Inside Of A Shoe

Sometimes, baths just don't happen. At the end of a long evening spent arguing about asparagus and chocolate milk, watching the same movie for the 17th day in a row, and trying to locate the whereabouts of our kid's clean socks, giving our child a bath is nothing more than a laughable concept. And kids, well, they smell sometimes, so we're going to inevitably end up apologizing for their stench while promising that we do actually bathe them regularly.

Showing Up Late For Drop Off. Again.

Mornings before kids vs. mornings after kids couldn't be more different. Before kids, mornings were a leisurely and peaceful time filled with coffee and morning news shows. After kids? Well, after kids they're more like a zombie sprint mixed with a political debate about breakfast and pants. Sometimes, getting out the door on time is next to impossible. Though technically, our kids can't drive themselves just yet, their refusal to remain fully clothed took a lot of time off the clock, so they're just as responsible for our tardiness as we are.

Our Kid Protesting Food

Whether we pack their lunches, or they're provided by the school, our kid is going to go on a hunger strike at some point, to make a point. That point will most likely be that ice cream is suitable to eat during every meal or that broccoli is, in fact, the devil and, ugh, we're sorry that you're going to have to be the one who deals with it throughout the week.

Our Kid's Passionate Ourbursts

Tantrums happen at pretty much every age. They might begin to look a little different as they get older, but a child's passion can only be reasonably subdued for a very limited amount of time. Our kid is going to get mad or excited or annoyed by something that (to us) might seem irrelevant, but they'll let their feelings be known in a way that's not exactly flattering of their character. Sorry about that.

Having To Clean Up After Our Kid

We're plenty overwhelmed by our own tiny tornadoes, much less the messes that other people's kids conjure. As a teacher, you're putting out miniature metaphorical fires and cleaning literal child debris all day long. It can't be easy, and it definitely justifies having an entire summer off of work.

Something Inappropriate Our Kid Said

Kids say the strangest things, don't they? Our kid probably didn't mean any harm when he insulted your scarf or your hair, but he's been taught to wear his heart on his sleeve and he took it upon himself to wear his opinion there, too. Trust us, our kids have embarrassed us more than just a few times.

Forgetting About A Field Trip

Or a field trip fee or permission slip or form or location, or that we were supposed to chaperone. Seriously, our bad.

Forgetting About A Class Party

We actually were looking forward to being a Pinterest perfect mom and baking cupcakes that looked like Santa's elves, but Game of Thrones was on and we sort of forgot. Also, we forgot about the special costume our kid was supposed to wear and the money we were supposed to send for pizza. Again, our bad.

Showing Up Late For Pick Up. Again.

Traffic is stupid and drivers are stupid and red lights are stupid and people who drive slow in the fast lane are stupid and people who are playing on their phones when they should be watching for a green light are stupid and, ugh, it won't happen again! Promise!

For Talking Way Too Much

We don't exactly get a lot of one-on-one time with other adults who understand the struggle that is small children. When we do, well, we get a little chatty. And you probably deal with multiple chatty parents, multiple times a day. Really, we're just so thankful for you and all that you do for our kids, and we really are sorry that we aren't always the ideal or perfect parent. We try. We really do, but we fail. Like, a lot. When we do inevitably fail, or make your job harder in some way, we feel the need to explain our situation to you so that you won't hate us. We really, really appreciate you.