11 Clever & Brilliant Halloween Costumes For The 3rd Trimester

Being at the tail end of your pregnancy in October is actually kind of wonderful. There are bowls of candy everywhere, the temperature starts to drop but it isn’t so cold that you need to buy a new winter jacket, and best of all, you get to wear a Halloween costume in your 3rd trimester. It probably feels like all eyes are on you anyway (seriously you’d think these people had never seen a pregnant person before) so you might as well take the opportunity to garner some wanted attention by wearing a fun maternity costume.

Maybe you’re thinking you’d rather be at home in a full fleece suit than anywhere near polyester or scratchy tulle, and I get that, but a Halloween costume doesn’t need to be more complicated than a soft t-shirt and some thoughtful accessories. Or maybe you’re the kind of person who wants to go all out, as this could be the last year when your costume isn't dictated by the latest Netflix kid’s show or a family of sharks (just saying). Whether you prefer simple, comfy maternity costumes or you’re a Halloween maximalist looking for a clever look, these 11 costume ideas selected with the 3rd trimester in mind will accommodate and accentuate your belly.


An Angelic Dress

You're already rockin' that angelic pregnancy glow, so it makes sense to complete the look with this divine maternity costume. The dress has an empire waist to accommodate any size bump (that's the real miracle here), plus the polyester is light and breathable. The model in the picture may be wearing heels, but you certainly don’t have to; I’d pair this with plain white sneaks.


A Punny Sauce

Here's an easy and cute couples costume idea. Dress as Prego pasta sauce (get it?) while your partner dresses as a pasta chef. If DIY is more your thing than a store-bought look, this costume is fun and quick to make. You just need a red apron, white fabric, a green ribbon, and a bit of artistic flair.


A Painted Pumpkin

You know that feeling in your 3rd trimester where all of your shirts fit like crop tops? Yea, if you feel like nothing fits quite right but you still want to wear a costume, one easy idea is to paint your stomach. You’ll probably need a friend or a partner to help you, but the end result, like this sweet belly jack-o-lantern, is so cute. This is one look you won't be able to recreate next year.


A Flowy Cape

Be warned: if you wear a cape as a costume you’re probably going to want to wear one every day for the remainder of your pregnancy. You can wear your comfiest clothes underneath, throw a cape on top, and instantly become a wizard, a Harry Potter character, or Dracula. The options are endless.


Wilson From Castaway

How clever is this Wilson costume, inspired by the movie Castaway? Wilson is the volleyball that serves as Tom Hanks' best friend while he is stranded on a deserted island (you gotta see the movie for this to make sense). All you need is a white t-shirt, a red marker or paint, and a Wilson-branded headband.


Mind The Bump

This picture shows that you can take 3rd trimester Halloween costumes in dramatically different directions. You could go as a construction worker warning pedestrians of the “bump” ahead; bonus points awarded because you get to wear your comfiest maternity jeans for this look. Or, if you can stomach it, you can go in the more sinister direction and dress as a Handmaid.


A Sweet Children's Book Character

I always love a parent and child matching costume, and this one hails from one of the most iconic children's books, Where The Wild Things Are. This mom had her child go as Max (in a cozy wolf suit) and she had her belly painted to look like one of the Wild Things. It's an instantly recognizable costume that will make your little one feel included, plus you get to wear Uggs all night.


A Deviled Egg

This literal deviled egg costume is sure to be a hit, and best of all, it won't break the bank. You can cut out an egg shape using cardboard and hang it around your neck with a thick ribbon. All you need is a bright yellow shirt for the yolk, and some devil accessories that you can find at any party store.


A Witch With A Baby Bump

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't wear a spooky costume. You can take a witch costume up a notch by writing "I eat children" across your belly. It's just weird enough to work, plus you won't be able to pull this one off when you're not pregnant without scaring your neighbors, so why not go for it?


A Graphic Tee Costume

This "bun in the oven" shirt straddles the line between costume and regular maternity wear. I can see this making a great (and easy!) couples costume if your partner wears a bakers' hat. This shirt is also printed in the USA, which isn't always easy to find.


An Iron-On Decal

Maybe you have a few soft shirts that just feel like home when you pull them on, and you can't bear to wear anything else this Halloween. This is when iron-on decals become your best friend. This baby skeleton patch can be ironed on to almost any shirt, making your everyday outfit a memorable DIY costume that you just may wear again and again. Pro tip: use a hair straightener if you don't have an iron.