11 Little Things To Do During Foreplay That Will Make Sex So Much Better

Sex may be the goal when you're in the middle of foreplay with your SO, but that's no reason for it to get stale. Foreplay is just as much fun as (if not more than) sex, and shouldn't be viewed simply as a way to get to the point... so to speak. But there are some little things to do during foreplay that will make sex so much better and leave you on the edge.

Foreplay is really all about anticipation, right? It's about building up that sexual tension, about making you and your partner want each other so much that it physically aches. When you're a person that loves foreplay, you already know how good it feels and how powerful it can make your orgasms. But even your favorite moves could use a face lift. You read all the time about tips to make sex great, but some of those tips can start right in the middle of foreplay, so not only are you making your "warm up" even hotter than usual, now you're improving the sex that follows.

And the best part? The word "little" is perfect here. These are literally 11 little things you can do that will spice up your foreplay and make sex so much better. If you've never been a big foreplay person before, get ready to have your mind changed. And if you've always been a fan of the prelude to sex, well, you're welcome.


Talk Dirty

I'm a big believer in sexting your partner to get their engines running, but if you want something to do during the actual moments of foreplay, talk dirty instead. Don't feel shy or embarrassed. It doesn't take an erotic novel to make your partner feel super turned on and even more excited for sex. And trust me, there's something very hot about whispering your own desires to your SO.


Kiss Along Hip Bones

Without starting oral sex. The teasing of that ultra-sensitive area will make both of you ready to topple off the edge.


Slow It Down

It's easy to rush foreplay, especially in long-term relationships, but keep it slow. The slower you go, the more you build your anticipation. You know how good sex is when you've been waiting for it, so why not make the wait a little longer?


Start & Stop

You don't have to abruptly stop, but starting and stopping any move in foreplay is sure to drive both of you wild. You won't be able to hold yourself back when it's time to actually have sex. Make out for a long time and then break apart, or rub your hands along your partner's inner thighs, almost touching them, before moving back up to their chest.


Rub Against Each Other With Clothes On

Dry humping isn't just for teenagers. It's still super hot and feeling your partner's body underneath their clothes, knowing how much you two want each other? Bliss.


Get Things Hot & Cold

There are plenty of tips and tricks that use an ice cube during foreplay and sometimes they can really make things hot. There's something about going from cold to warm on your skin that sets everything ablaze and makes your entire body mega-sensitive, perfect for when it's time to really get it on.


Step Up Your Kissing Game

Make out like you're teenagers again! Trace your partner's lips with your tongue, mimic your oral sex moves, take it slow and run your hands through their hair -- whatever you want. So many people forget to kiss their partner and when they do, it's boring and standard. Step up your kissing game and wait for the fireworks.


Touch Yourself

It's incredibly hot for your partner to watch you touch yourself in any manner. Grab your breasts while they're going down on you, let your SO watch you masturbate, or simply rub your own body while your partner admires you.


Undress Each Other

Too often in foreplay, clothes either come off lightning fast, or they were never on to begin with. Take your time undressing each other and marveling at each other's body. It's sensual, sexy, and gives you even more opportunities to touch each other.


Kiss & Suck On Your Partner's Fingers

It mimics oral sex and it will make both of you ready to take it to the next level. There's also something very primal and dirty about the act, which can make the sex that much hotter.


Slow Down Oral Sex

And don't let your partner cum from oral either. (Unless cumming during sex is a no-go.) By letting all of those urges build, you're making your partner want to cum more than literally anything. The sex will be so much more intense thanks to all of your slow oral moves.