11 Pregnancy Sex Tips To Keep It Steamy & Comfy

Your doctor's given you the green light, your partner thinks your new shape is incredibly sexy, but you're still totally unsure about pregnancy sex. It makes sense, and I totally get why you're full of trepidation, but pregnancy sex can be really incredible. Not only are you reaping the benefits of sex, but you're also creating intimacy with your partner, and having a d*mn good time. With a few pregnancy sex tips, you should be excited to slip into the sheets and have some fun.

And trust me, I don't mean pregnancy sex tips like forcing yourself to enjoy it. If you're seriously against all pregnancy sex, then by all means, turn it down. You don't have to have sex while you're pregnant, no matter how many benefits you read. But if you're nervous about sex, or worried that you're going to hurt your baby, you just need a reminder or two that sex while pregnant is totally safe. And enjoying it means following these some pregnancy sex tips. You can't expect to enjoy the exact same sex life you had before you were pregnant, so you'll need to make a few adjustments. But in the end? Totally worth it. And none of the adjustments require turning your life upside down or doing anything you're not 100 percent comfortable with. You're already doing the Netflix thing, why not add a little chill with your partner?


Find A Comfortable Position

You and your partner used to get it on in some crazy positions, but your pregnant belly doesn't allow for that anymore. There are certain positions best for pregnancy sex, because they keep you supported, comfortable, and still allow you to have some awesome orgasms.


Opt For Oral

If you're not feeling like a full on bedroom romp, suggest oral for both you and your partner. Oral sex is totally safe during pregnancy, so you can lay back and enjoy.


Wear A Bra If Your Breasts Hurt

Breast tenderness is one of the first signs of pregnancy, so you may be experiencing some pain and aches in your boobs. And the thought of having them bounce during sex? No thank you. Do yourself a solid and put a bra on, just in case things get a little too jumpy for your tender breasts.


Keep Lube Nearby

Despite increased lubrication and discharge being a normal thing during pregnancy, Parents reports that many women find that they experience vaginal dryness during their pregnancy. Also normal, so keep some lube handy for sex to make it more comfortable and enjoyable for you.


Extend Foreplay

If you're rushing through foreplay, slow down and enjoy it. According to What to Expect, your vulva becomes engorged with blood during pregnancy and can make everything more sensitive, which means when your partner touches you, you may enjoy it even more than you did before you were pregnant.


Don't Think About Your Wombmate

I know, your baby just delivered a swift kick to your belly while you were in the middle of sex and now you're freaking out. Power of the mind, girl. Ignore your baby. They have no idea what's going on and are actually being lulled to sleep by your movement, so just keep going. They say never wake the baby, right?


Communicate With Your Partner

If you're nervous about pregnancy sex, chances are your partner is, too. Now is not the time to be worried or nervous about their reactions. Communicate with your partner and talk to them about how they feel about sex, pregnancy, and if they have any reservations, too.


Get Yourself In The Mood

Pregnancy sex has some seriously awkward moments, so don't attempt it if you're not in the mood to get it on. Light some candles, take a long, hot bath, or take turns giving each other massages. Whatever puts you in the mood, do it!


Keep A Towel Nearby

Look, if you thought regular sex was wet, just wait for pregnancy sex. Increased discharge, lubrication, and even other things like your leaking breasts can make it feel like you need to dry off. Go ahead and grab a towel to keep nearby in case you need to mop up some breast milk or extra discharge.


Use Your Toys

It might be hard to get in a comfortable position or keep sex going as long as you'd like, so if you want to have an orgasm, feel free to use your vibrator or other toy. It's safe to use your favorite sex toys during pregnancy, so a little manual stimulation may be exactly what you need.


Have Realistic Expectations

If you're expecting to have the kind of hot, pregnancy sex Hollywood wants you to think is a thing, you might be disappointed. Sex while pregnant can be amazing and steamy, but there are going to be some changes, and you have to keep an open mind. Your favorite position may not work, you may lose your sex drive halfway through, or you may find that you just can't cum. All totally normal and all totally fine — keep realistic expectations and you'll be able to enjoy all the sex you want.