11 Surprising Facts About Khloé Kardashian That You Might Not Know About The Mom-To-Be

The big day is almost here, y'all! Khloe Kardashian's due date with her first child is right around the corner and if you're a fan of Koko, then your social media feeds have been flooded with gorgeous pregnancy photos and bump updates. But, as the youngest Kardashian sister prepares to welcome her daughter into the world, these 11 facts about Khloe Kardashian might totally surprise even the most diehard Keeping Up With The Kardashians fan, or at least feel reminiscent of where her journey to our TV screens all began.

Now, it isn't exactly fair to say that Kardashian came from humble beginnings. Before she was even a teenager, Kardashian was immersed in the public eye (we'll get to that later), and now that she's an adult with a baby on the way, it's clear that she has mastered the art of being a public figure. And as Kardashian and her boyfriend, NBA player Tristan Thompson, prepare to welcome their first child together into their fabulous lives, it's fair to wonder just how the couple got to where they are now, but especially Kardashian... because obviously. After all, even though she's lived 10 years of her life on camera for her family's reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the fashion mogul still has some surprising facts to her name.

So, while some fans spend these final few weeks guessing what Kardashian will name her daughter, why don't you just sit back, relax, and learn a bit more about the mom-to-be?


She's Used To Dealing With The Press

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While some assume that the reason behind the Kardashian's reality series was Kim Kardashian's sex tape, that isn't actually the case. In fact, the Kardashian patriarch, Robert, was famous way back in the day. As the Daily Beast reported, "if Robert Kardashian wasn’t such a staple of the O.J. Simpson trial, it’s difficult to imagine his daughters transitioning so successfully into the tabloid world that they now rule over."

During the trial, the Kardashians were well known, and due to the controversial matter of the trial, had the press hounding them. At the time, Kardashian was only an 11-year-old girl, so she's practically grown up surrounded by cameras.


She Is NOT OJ Simpson's Daughter

For whatever reason, rumors that Simpson is Kardashian's biological father have been floating around for years. And after Simpson was released on parole, those rumors came soaring back into the spotlight. But, both Simpson and Kardashian have indeed confirmed that those rumors are untrue. So let this rumor die once and for, OK?


She Was A Rebellious Teenager

While the 33-year-old may seem to have his life together now, she wasn't always so well-behaved. According to People, after she received a used car instead of a new one after getting her license, she stole her mom's Range Rover, and things didn't exactly end well. Per People, Kardashian said of the incident:

I remember my friends and I saw this car on fire and we were like, "Whoa, that person is screwed!" And then I was like, [expletive] that’s my car.


She Was Also A Total Brainiac

Also speaking to People, Kardashian revealed that she wasn't just rebellious. "I finished three years of high school in one year," she said. "I graduated actually when I was 17 with honors, so in your face!"


But, She Wasn't Always As Popular As She Is Now

While she may now boast 74 million Instagram followers, Kardashian is the first to admit that she wasn't always so well-liked. Per People, Kardashian explained that she "felt like I didn't have any friends. There was no reason for me to stay ... I was kind of a shady kid, so I located a home school," she explained. "I went there and I enrolled myself."


She Was In A Bad Car Wreck Once

In an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the mom-to-be recalled a car wreck that she was once in during her childhood. According to the Daily Mail, she said in 2013 that she "went through the windscreen and had really bad concussion…and now I can’t remember anything…and I think it’s getting worse."

She went on, "It’s really irritating and frustrating and kind of sad that I can’t remember so many things from my childhood."


The First Credit Card She Ever Had Was For Victoria's Secret

In her best-selling book, Strong Looks Better Naked, Kardashian revealed that she's always loved to shop, and her first big learning experience around stores was at Victoria's Secret, where she got her first credit card. But, she maxed it out pretty quickly, and couldn't pay it off. "That unpaid bill haunted me for the next three years," she wrote, per Cosmopolitan.


She Keeps A Journal

Another thing Kardashian revealed in her book was her love of journaling. Per CafeMom, she wrote that it's "a great way to literally get things out of your system."


She Was Married

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Yes, as most fans of KUWTK are aware, Kardashian was actually married to Lamar Odom from 2009 to 2016. And while that may seem like a good long while of wedded bless, it wasn't all sunshine and roses.

Nevertheless, the two apear to be civil following their 2016 divorce. When Odom overdoesed back in 2015, according to Us Weekly, Kardashian was right by his side, despite the couple's split.


She Is A Godmother

While Kardashian has always loved kids, and is an aunt to eight babes already, that isn't all. When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter, North, was baptized, Kardashian was named godmother, E! News reported.


She's Planning On Giving Birth In Ohio

Now that Kardashian's due date is getting even closer, sources have revealed that she won't be giving birth in Los Angeles, as many would suspect. Per People, "Khloe is in Cleveland and plans to stay there until the baby is born. She is too far along to fly back and forth." Kardashian has been in Cleveland to be with Thompson, who plays basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As Kardashian prepares to welcome her first child, only time will tell what new surprising facts fans will learn about (soon-to-be) Mama Koko.

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