12 Halloween 2019 Costumes For Dogs & Babies That Just Couldn't Be Cuter


Babies and dogs are adorable enough on their own, no double about it. But you can take their cuteness to the next level this spooky season with some matching threads. The Halloween costumes for dogs and babies out there are so cute, you won't be able to take enough pics to document this event. You're going to be stopped all night by people screaming "awww!" at the precious pair.

Plus, babies and dogs tend to share their own special bond, so why not celebrate their friendship in costume form? Whether they're dressed up as the same type of animal, popular characters from major movies, or even something completely silly, these dog and baby costumes are sure to be a hit. If you're going out trick-or-treating as a family, attending a Halloween party, or spending a chill night at home, these clever costumes will elevate your whole holiday experience this late October.

Also, treat these costume ideas as a simple jumping-off point, and add in your ideas as well. Maybe your family has an inside joke or a favorite movie that could be represented in costume form. Honestly, it's fun to browse the many costume sites for ideas, because there's a ton of precious, and often hilarious, Halloween costumes for babies and dogs available. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Busy Bees

With a striped tutu skirt, tulle wings, and antennae headband, this costume will turn your beloved dog into a queen bee. Most of the costume is attached by elasticized straps, so it's easy to get on your pooch. Also, notice the little crown on top of the headband.

The fuzzy, stripey costume will keep your baby snug as a bug. Plus, it's packed with adorable details such as the swirly design on the wings, as well as the bobbly antennae. Together, your pooch and baby will make up the cutest hive ever.

2. Superheroes

If your dog is a superhero in disguise, then celebrate their superpowers this Halloween. The Marvel Comics Captain America Costume represents the iconic superhero in a cozy hoodie. Just look at the ear holes in the hood.

There's no shortage of amazing superhero costumes for your baby, either. For instance, this Wonder Woman romper, complete with an attached cape, is beyond sweet. Plus, just admire the matching headband.

3. Witchy Vibes

If you want a spooky look for your pooch, then this witchy costume is perfection. Available in a variety of sizes, the costume includes a sequined cap and cloak with cool spiderweb detailing. It's a cool look for your bewitching dog.

This two-piece design includes both a hat and dress, AKA everything you need for a cool witchy look. Plus, the fabric is soft and comfy for your baby's skin. Best of all, your little one will look positively spooktacular for all your Halloween pics this year.

5. Toy Story

If your baby and dog are already BFFs, then this costume duo is a brilliant choice. The Buzz Lightyear costume for your baby includes a full bodysuit, wings, gloves, and a hat. Your kid will celebrate Halloween from now to infinity with this cool getup.

OK, but can you even look at this adorable pup dressed up like Woody without screaming "awww"? This costume includes a shirt with attached bandana and hat, a cowhide vest, and even a Sheriff badge. Your pup and baby will steal the show this Halloween when dressed as this iconic pair of best friends.

6. Sea Creatures

Dress your baby as one of the most unusual and cool creatures from under the sea. The octopus costume zips in back and snaps at the bottom, and the headpiece comes complete with giant, expressive eyes. It will transform your baby into a beast from the deep in no time.

Turn your doggie into a land shark. With handy Velcro closures, this costume should be easy and comfy for your dog to wear. Of course, you're basically guaranteed to spend the whole night singing "Doggie shark, do-do, do-do-do."

7. Dragons

Although Game Of Thrones is over, you can still go as the Mother of Dragons for Halloween this year. Made from a jumpsuit, blanket, and hat, this swaddling costume can create a variety of looks. Just wrap the wings around your baby, and the little dragon can stay snuggled and warm all night.

Your dog can become a mystical creature for the evening. The wings, tail, and scaly texture create a cool effect. Now you just have to teach your dog to breathe fire.

8. Lattes

If you live for latte runs, then this is an adorable family costume idea. The onesie with an attached tutu forms the cup portion, while the fluffy collar and headband form the foamy whipped cream. Oh, and just look at the little straw peaking out of the headband. It's all too precious.

Made from a shirt and hat, the puppy latte costume is beyond sweet. Just like the infant's costume, it features a generous "foamy" top and straw. Put your baby and dog in matching latte getups, and you're sure to win any costume contests this year.

9. Star Wars Characters

Just when you thought droids couldn't get any cooler, now your baby can be one as well. The R2-D2 baby costume features screen art to turn your little one into a copy of the beloved Star Wars character. The included hat offers a perfect finishing touch.

There's something irresistible about this particular storm trooper outfit. With a headpiece and step-in shirt, the costume instantly transforms your dog into one of the fearsome soldiers of the Star Wars universe. It's equal parts cool and super silly.

10. Ghostbusters Characters

Who you gonna call? The two-piece costume will turn your dog into a member of NYC's most famous ghost-hunting team. There's even an inflatable proton pack for added detail.

Although the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man causes serious havoc in the Ghostbusters film, this guy looks pretty harmless and sweet. With a swaddle and Stay Puft hat, this costume will keep your little one comfy and cozy all night. It will be instantly recognizable to any fan of the film.

11. Spiders

Dress your lovely little one as a spooky spider. With its fluffy head and colorful, stripey legs, this spider actually looks pretty friendly. Even if most spiders give you the creeps, this one is pretty huggable.

Is it possible to look at this leggy costume without cracking up? On a small, skittery dog, it's probably a hilarious sight. The spider costume just slips on your dog with some simple Velcro straps, and the spider even lights up for some added creepy vibes.

12. Pretty Peacocks

Flaunt it. With a fluffy headpiece and plenty of beautiful tail feathers, this costume will turn your dog into an absolutely gorgeous peacock. With its vibrant colors, this costume should look great in pics as well.

If you want a truly stunning look for your little one, then look no further. The costume includes a jumpsuit, tail, hood (with attached beak), and booties shaped like bird feet. Take the cuteness factor right over the top by dressing your baby and dog in matching peacock costumes for Halloween.