Courtesy of Danielle Campoamor

12 Moments That Make You Realize Toddlers Are Just Emotional Terrorists

As a 2-year-old toddler, my son is a lot of things. He's defiant and he's smart and he's cuddly and he's fearless and he's definitely inquisitive. There are so many moments during the day from the time my son wakes up to the time he goes to bed that remind me of not only who he's become in just two short years, but who he's becoming. Then, of course, there are the moments that make me realize toddlers are just emotional terrorists; toddlers just like my son. My kid can manipulate my feelings as if it's nothing, even though I know he's not doing it on purpose. I think he's just naturally great at pulling on the ole heart strings and having his way with my emotions.

For example, the other day my son was drinking his water and eating lunch. He's been told, repeatedly, not to spit his water out of his mouth. However, telling a toddler to do one thing once is, you know, pointless. So, of course, he started spitting out his water. I was growing increasingly frustrated and told him that if he spit his water out one more time, I would be taking his water away. He looked at me, mouth full of water, grinned, and slowly spit his water out of his mouth; never breaking eye contact. He then walked over to me, and said, "I love you, mom," gave me a kiss, smiled and went back to the table to get another sip of water. I mean, what in the hell just happened?! How am I supposed to keep my bottom line when I have this adorable little human smiling at me and telling me he loves me? This, dear reader, is terrorism as its finest. I am rendered useless, because of all the cute.

I have a feeling I'm not alone, which is why we need to be honest when it comes to describing toddlers. I mean, yes, they're adorable and they're sweet and they're fun and they're fearless and smart and all of the things I see in my son on a regular, daily basis. However, they're also emotional terrorists, and here are just a few reasons why:

When They Say "I Love You" Spontaneously

I'll never forget the first time my son gave me an unsolicited "I love you." I was turned into a puddle of tears in a matter of seconds, and knew right then and there that my kid was going to be able to manipulate me without much effort whatsoever.

It's a scary realization, the moment you become completely incapable of ever denying that your kid has so much power over you because you love them that damn much.

When They Hug The Family Pet For No Reason

My son and my cat didn't always get along. In fact, we went through a horrible period where we thought we might have to get rid of our cat, because she wouldn't stop scratching our son and he wouldn't learn and leave her alone. Thankfully, that period passed and now they're the best of buds.

Nothing softens my heart quicker than watching my son go up to our family at and give her a kiss or a hug, for absolutely no reason. I mean, cats and babies?! That's going to make even the hardest of hearts turn to mush.

When They Smile At You Right After They've Done Something They Know They're Not Supposed To

For the most part, my son knows what's acceptable behavior and what isn't. Yes, he's a 2-year-old toddler so I'm using the word "know" rather loosely, but he has a general idea that we don't throw food, we don't throw toys, we don't make messes without cleaning up afterwards and we don't hit or bite.

When my son ends up throwing a toy, however, he's quick to flash me his now-signature smile, and it's extremely hard for me to keep a straight face and point out why he's not acting responsibly. How am I suppose to teach my son that it's not OK, when he's smiling that smile and laughing that adorable laugh? It's so hard, you guys.

When They Use Their Sweet "Baby Voice"

You know the voice I'm talking about. Every kid has it and it's adorable and it is capable of turning any word into a ridiculously cute word that you want to hear over and over and over again.

When They Call You Their Best Friend

My son has started calling me his "best friend" and every time he does, I die of absolute cuteness. I seriously want to buy him all the things and give him all the hugs and say "yes" to any request he may or may not have.

This is terrorism, you guys. Full on terrorism of the heart.

When They Learn How To Say Please And Thank You (And Use Them Both, Frequently)

Way before my son was capable of speaking, I was teaching him "please" and "thank you" and all the manners I want him to use when he gets older. He now says "Please mom," and, "Thank you, mom," whenever he asks and/or is given something, and it is easily one of the most adorable things I've ever seen or heard. It makes it very difficult to deny a request of his, especially when he ends his request (no matter how ridiculous) with a "Please?"

I did this to myself, I know.

When They Reach Out For Your Hand

My son is all about his independence and is at the age where he wants to do everything and go everywhere by himself. He will, however, reach out for me when he knows he is "supposed" to. When he's walking up or down stairs, or when we're nearing a street that we need to cross, he'll reach out for me and say, "Mom, hand," and I just want to start crying. It's so precious and it reminds me that I am the person he runs to when he is scared or unsure or just needs help and protection.

How can a walk to the park give me so many feels?! Terrorism. This. Is. Terrorism.

When They Say "Cheese" While You're Trying To Take A Picture

Maybe it's because I've been pretty adamant about documenting every single moment of my kid's life (I have no shame) or maybe it's because he's used to FaceTiming his grandparents. Either way, my son has learned to say "Cheese!" anytime a phone is pointed in his general direction. Not only does it make for some pretty adorable pictures, but it's so damn adorable that it makes me want to take a million more. My kid is well on his way to being the most documented human being on the planet, and I make no apologies.

When They Copy Everything That You Do

Sometimes this is a good thing and others, well, not so much. Either way, it's usually pretty adorable and has the ability to turn you into putty in your toddler's little hands.

When I'm watching football and yelling, "Sea-Hawks!" only to have my son come up next to me and yell, "Sea-Hawks!" in his little toddler voice, I can literally feel my chest ache. It's just too much, you guys. Too much.

When They Insist On Wearing Your Clothes And/Or Shoes

Nothing says, "Yeah, mom, you're about to say yes to whatever I ask of you," like a kid walking around in your shoes. When I see my son shuffling along in my flats or my heels or in his dad's work boots, I just can't reign in my emotions.

When They Dance

The dance parties I've shared with my son in our kitchen or living room floor are moments I cherish and look forward to and will never forget. I am convinced they've also becoming strategic, planned moments on my toddler's part.

He seems to want to "Listen, music please," right before he asks for chocolate or to go outside when it's raining or some other thing he knows he's not suppose to have or do. It's like he knows me watching him dance his silly little dance to our favorite music makes me completely incapable of being the "mean mom" for a solid two hours. Well played, kid.

When They End Every Fit They Throw With A Cuddle And A Kiss

My son is one of the only people on this planet who can make me unbelievably angry one minute, and completely content and blissful and happy, the next. It's ridiculous. He can throw a tantrum and push me to the end of my proverbial rope and leave me wanting to pull my hair out, then give me a hug and a kiss and leave me feeling so loved and so happy. It's ridiculous.