12 Pregnant Moms On Their Dream Post-Baby Meal

There are so many rules, guidelines, and restrictions that govern every aspect of a woman's life when she becomes pregnant. Honestly, sometimes it feels like you're living in lock down. However, when we understand a behavior can be damaging to our unborn baby, it's easier to alter our daily habits. Then again, the rules are changeable depending on who you ask, so it can be frustrating. The rules governing which foods pregnant women should avoid seem to be especially ambiguous, which is why pregnant women obsess over food. In fact, I listened to pregnant women describe their dream postpartum meal, which only proved that the only thing a pregnant woman wants more than her baby in her arms, is a lovely and very large meal directly in front of her.

I realized that for many of these women, all the things they weren't currently allowed to eat, or the things they had chosen to limit, were becoming their fantasy foods. (For an up-to-date list of foods to avoid during pregnancy check out

The thing I missed the most when I was pregnant, wasn't actually a food at all. It was a drink. I found myself constantly dreaming of having some wine when I was postpartum. I ended up breastfeeding and I decided I didn't want to drink any alcohol while I was nursing. I nursed for over 2 and a half years and, well, now I have no tolerance for alcohol at all! Still, that first sip of wine was heaven.


"Brie, brie, brie. I have missed it so much!"


"I can't wait for a sushi order. My cousin lives in Japan and says pregnant women there eat sushi at all the time, but I have followed my doctors advice."


"I am looking forward to having a big plate of spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce. I have the worst pregnancy heartburn, and tomatoes seem to set it off. So, now I am craving pasta and sauce like crazy!"


"My first breakfast after I give birth will be a soft boiled egg. I want to dip my toast in it!"


"A pastrami on rye, I am really missing my daily deli sandwich."


"I have had the worst nausea this whole pregnancy. I am looking forward to eating anything that doesn't make me heave first."


"I have, reluctantly, given up caffeine. I am looking forward to a really large cup of coffee and, according to everyone, I'll need it after all the sleepless nights."


"All the wine. Well, at least a few glasses anyway!"


"I eat pretty healthy most of the time, but since I got pregnant I have been really concerned with optimum nutrition. But I would really like some junk food and I am going to try to wait until I have the baby to indulge."


"My boyfriend hunts and I haven't been eating the game, but it's in the freezer ready for after the baby comes."


"Pâté. I don't even like pâté, but because I was told I can't have it, it's all I can think about."


"I am a cola fiend, but I gave it up when I got pregnant. I can't wait to knock back a can or two!"