12 Things Every Grown-Ass Man Does For His Pregnant Partner When They're In Public

Are there any scenarios when one would not want a partner who respects and cares for you? I can’t think of any. Actually wait, yes I can. I'm pretty sure there are some sexy bedroom scenarios when you could be looking for something else from your partner, in which case you'll find zero judgement from me. In my own experience, however, being with a respectful and grown-ass man has a number of benefits, including all the ways a grown-ass man helps during pregnancy.

Yes, it’s true that women do the bulk of the work (or, you know, their bodies do the bulk of the work) when it comes to gestating a baby, but that in no way means that their partners can’t step up, too, especially if their partner is a cisgender male who will never know what it's like to survive morning sickness and see your feet swell up and deal with constipation and feel like you're in a body you know longer recognize. (Isn't pregnancy just the best?!) Finding the energy to go out in public when you're pregnant can be a feat in and of itself, so anything you can do to help your partner when they're out in the exhausting world is not only appreciated, it's necessary.

Here are just a few of the many ways that grown-ass men can make their pregnant partner feel totally supported when they're in public. Plus, this gives you a chance to publicly celebrate your partner and the wonderful things her body is doing and the fact that, well, you're grown-ass self is about to be a dad.

Opens Your Doors

Chivalry never goes out of style, right? In fact, I'd argue that the other person coming through the door doesn't even need to be one's pregnant partner; holding the door is always a nice gesture.

Makes Sure You Have A Seat

Especially if you're riding the subway and especially if you're on the city bus and especially if you're at a work event on his behalf. In that case, he should definitely make sure you have a seat in an area of the room that allows you optimal people-watching and access to all the food.

Brings Snacks During Any And All Trips

It's been over two years since I've been pregnant, and I can still recall a very specific incident involving a very severe case of hanger, a remote pumpkin patch, and a food truck. My partner came to the rescue, and I'm still talking about it.

Shows Affection (If That's Your Thing)

Do you like to hold hands? Do that thing where you put your hands in each other's pockets? Walk arm-in-arm? Regardless of how it's getting done, he's making his affections known.

Checks In To See How She's Feeling

This can be an especially risky question to ask since, depending on how the pregnancy's going, any number of answers could be shared. However, that's what makes him a grown-ass man; he wants to know.

Tells Her When She's Having A Wardrobe Malfunction

Sometimes, I'd leave the house in maternity clothes that fit and felt fine, and by lunchtime everything about my appearance would be totally wrong. I suppose it's the nature of growing a human, but if only my husband could have come everywhere with me to double as a stylist, I wouldn't have had so many issues.

Looks Out For Her General Well-Being

Even if he's never been a Boy Scout, a grown-ass man has an awesome opportunity to be prepared for his pregnant partner. Extra snacks, breath mints, tissues, a piece of pizza; there's a reason that men's pants have larger pocket's than women's.

Picks Up Anything She Dropped

There comes a point in the pregnancy that if I dropped it by myself, it was just gone forever. But if my partner was there? Rescued!

Runs Errands Without Her

This is crucial, as a pregnant woman should only leave the couch when completely necessary. The sight of my partner coming home with grocery bags was almost, almost, as amazing as the sight of my child.

Drops Her Off Before Parking

Front-door service, anyone? It's not always realistic, but in the latter parts of pregnancy saving a one or two or five-block walk to your destination is a huge deal.

Doesn’t Get Weird About Buying Pads Or Heartburn Medicine Or Hemorrhoid Cream Or Whatever It Is That She Needs

He might not love doing it, but you'll never know that because he doesn't make a big deal out of it. He's, in fact, a very grown-ass man.

Always Has All The Water, All The Time

Dehydration, or "maternal overheating" can be potentially dangerous for pregnant women, as water helps a pregnant woman regulate her body temperature. Without a sufficient amount of water, she should overheat. So, making sure that she's constantly drinking water is not only kind and generous and will probably help with nausea or vomiting or her general energy level, it's necessary.