8 Ways Every Grown-Ass Man Helps During A Pregnancy

Are there any women out there who didn't experience at least a little stress and discomfort during a pregnancy? Please show yourselves, and then just come to my town for a coffee date so I can hang out with you, learn from you, and figure out what kind of vitamins you take or juices you drink or whatever magical thing it is you do, because (in my experience) growing a baby is not easy. I leaned on my partner in a number of ways, which is why I'm so glad that he is, in fact, a grown-ass man who helped during pregnancy.

Of course, I can't speak for every pregnant woman out there, but I think there are a few general things that men can keep in mind when it comes to helping their partner through those 40+ weeks. I'm fair enough to admit that it might be difficult for cisgender men to know exactly what it is their pregnant partner needs. After all, there's no way for said men to experience pregnancy for themselves. However, just because you can't live it, doesn't mean you can't help your partner go through it.

Does every pregnant woman expect her grown-ass partner to read her mind and instinctively ease every pregnancy woe that may befall her? Of course not (although that would be nice, gentlemen). However, she does expect a grown-ass man to help with pregnancy, and make her 40+ weeks as a pregnant woman as pain-free and easy as possible. So, grown-ass men the world over, if your partner is pregnant and you're wondering how you can help her through arguably the most exciting, exhausting, trying, joyful, miraculous and kinda gross time in her life, here are a few suggestions:

He Offers Verbal Support

This can mean different things to different people, but the gist of it is: he says reassuring and kind things. It's a fairly basic concept, and perhaps one that would even work well during all stages of a relationship (hint, hint).

He Offers Physical Support

At some point in the pregnancy, the lady of the hour may need help reaching something, or getting up, or she may simply want to lay on the couch instead of even attempting the previous two. This is the perfect opportunity for a grown-ass man to step in.

He Runs Errands

I will probably never forget the night my husband went to the store for sausage, pasta sauce, and a copy of Frozen. Neither will the childhood friend he ran into who still brings it up.

He Attends Appointments

It's never fun to pee in a cup, but I'd also wager that it's never fun to wait for someone else to pee in a cup. Thanks for holding my jacket and purse, dear.

He Reads Up On Pregnancy And Babies

It's not just because books can make men more attractive. It's because showing an interest in your partner and your baby, is attractive.

He Participates In The Preparations

One of my favorite days of my pregnancy was the day my husband assembled baby gear while I "supervised" (watched while horizontal) from the couch. Not only did I feel totally cared for and supported by his chores, but I like seeing him with tools.

He Shows Confidence In Her Ability To Give Birth And Be A Mom

I mean, someone should, right? And it certainly wasn't going to be me.

He Commits To Being Present As A Parent And Doing What's Best For The Baby

Whatever your relationship with the grown-ass man in question may be, the most important thing is that he's ready to step into fatherhood.

And that he not roll his eyes at you when you have a ridiculous craving.