13 Family-Friendly Super Bowl Activities, Bc Not Everyone Cares About The Game

Like most things, Super Bowl watch parties change once you have kids. You can't tailgate like you did in days of yore (unless you find a babysitter who's willing to watch over you and the kids). Plus, you'll probably be hearing "Mommy, I'm bored" after about 10 minutes of settling into the game. Expecting children to sit in front of a TV for hours without getting antsy is just unrealistic. But luckily, there are a ton of Super Bowl activities you can do as a family that will keep the kids entertained and let you watch the biggest football game of the year in peace. Can you believe?

Whether they're into crafts or games, your kids will be all set thanks to these activities, and will keep them from tugging on your sleeve every five seconds. You're also in luck if you plan on having a larger party this year; a lot of these activities work best with a big crowd of kiddos — they can keep each other entertained while you focus on Tom Brady's game gear (or how cute Giselle and the kids look, which will be my personal focus).

So read on for kid-friendly Super Bowl fun that will change the way you watch football.

Get Your Paint On

You obviously don't have to go as hard on the paint as Jason did on The Good Place, but setting up a station for the kids to to get their faces painted with eye black or the number of their favorite player will get them in the game day spirit for sure. Check out this washable painting kit ($10, Amazon) for inspo.

Make Your Own Glitter Foam Fingers

Foam fingers are ~the~ official symbol of football, and they can be even more fun than they already are thanks to this glitter craft from Studio DIY. All you need is modge podge, glitter, and mini foam fingers to get the party started. Pro-tip: lay a tarp down to do the craft outdoors or in the garage (supervised, of course) to keep the glitter somewhat contained.

Come Up With A Cheer

Rooting on your favorite team loudly and proudly is a must during the Super Bowl, and your kids will have a blast making up their own cheer. Have them work on it during the first half of the game, and you can see what they come up with during the living room halftime show.

Set Up A Cookie Decorating Station

I'm guessing you'll have a dessert at your soiree, so why not make it into an activity for the kids to do as well? Buy or make icing in the colors of your Super Bowl team, and let the kids go to town with their own edible masterpieces. This football cookie cutter ($8, Amazon) can make it even more festive.

Host A Karaoke Halftime Show

As Punchbowl pointed out, the halftime ads aren't quite as exciting to kids as they are to adults, so letting the little ones perform during the commercial onslaught instead of forcing them to watch ads is a solid plan. You can make it a competition, and the winner gets first dibs on the dessert table.

Organize A Kiddie Bowl

Not to be confused with the kitten bowl, your kids will love that they get to have their own version of the big game in their backyard. This idea will work particularly well if you've got a big group of little ones coming over this year.

Design DIY Jerseys

Kids love to be part of the action, and what could make them feel more like a team member than their own jersey? Gather some basic white t-shirts and fabric markers ($18, Amazon), and let their creativity take over. If they decorate their jerseys during the first half of the game, or before it even starts, they can wear them during the halftime kiddie bowl.

Challenge The Little Ones To An Origami Football Match

If you're looking for a more low key activity you and the kids can do together during the game, Love To Know's Origami Football game is the move. First, you and the kids can make the little paper footballs together, and they'll have endless fun flicking them back and forth while you watch the game. Psst: you can also make the goals using Legos. Check out the directions on Little Bins, Little Hands.

Banner It Up

Got some artists in your fam? Put their skills to work with a banner station stocked with posters, construction paper, markers, and crayons. The kiddie bowl would be even more fun if they made posters for themselves, too.

Say Yes To A Scavenger Hunt

Paging Supermom's idea for a football-themed scavenger hunt during the big game is genius for multiple reasons. 1) The kids will have a blast; 2) you can make cutting out the football shapes you'll hide a pre-game activity to do with the kids; and 3) the hunt will keep them busy for a while, so you'll actually have some time to watch the game. The more mini footballs you hide, the better.

Bring On The Cornhole

Cornhole is pretty much the official tailgating game, and little ones will definitely be a fan of the competition. You can send the kiddos outside to play this one if it's warm enough, or set up a game space in your basement if the temperatures aren't on your side. PSA: check out this all weather cornhole set ($27, Amazon) that you'll use year-round.

Play Bean Bag Football Toss

Full corn hole might be too challenging if your kids are super young, which is why I love this Bean Bag Toss that Amy Latta Creations came up with. You can make a super cute felt field earlier in the week, and the kids will love how legit the game feels.

Focus On Football Bingo

Football bingo is a low key and clever way to get your kids to actually watch the game. The bingo cards (I like these free printable ones from Sunny Day Family) should have different moments that will happen in the game, like blocked kick, extra point, punt, etc., and you can use little candies like M&M's or skittles for the tokens. While the kids focus on their cards, they'll accidentally watch the game, giving you a chance to enjoy the action.