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13 Myths About Pregnancy Sex That You Need To Stop Believing

Amy Schumer said it best in her HBO special last year — "You're made to feel really weird and disgusting if you're a girl who likes to have sex." And it's true. Add in the fact that you're a pregnant girl who likes to have sex and all of a sudden you're some kind of science experiment. The myths about pregnancy sex don't do much to aid women in this aspect, even though sex is what got you in that position in the first place.

Maybe no one's judging you, but you're freaking yourself out over pregnancy sex. Totally understandable. After all, there's someone else inhabiting your body, right? And you're a hostess with the mostess that definitely doesn't want to make anyone uncomfortable. Or yourself! God, pregnancy is already fraught with uncomfortable, painful moments. Surely sex can't make any of that better. And do I even have to mention that you're actually pregnant. That there's a whole list of things you can't do, like eating canned tuna fish or changing the cat litter, so might as well assume sex isn't OK either.

Deep breaths. And not the kind that push a baby out. If you're pregnant and you want to have sex, have it. You've probably heard a few of these 13 myths about pregnancy sex, but that's just what they are — myths. Pregnancy sex can be really fantastic, and the quicker you realize that and dispel these myths from your mind, the better you'll feel. (The orgasms will probably help, too.)


It Hurts Your Baby

Spoiler alert: it doesn't. Dr. Jacques Moritz told The Bump that your vagina stretches during sex, leaving a gap between the cervix and the penis. Not to mention your cervix is sealed up, and your baby is floating around in an amniotic sac in your uterus. Basically, there's a whole bunch of bubble wrap keeping your baby secure, no matter how big your partner's penis is.


It Causes Premature Labor

If you're at a risk for preterm labor, your doctor might put you on pelvic rest. But according to the Mayo Clinic, most studies show sex during pregnancy doesn't causes premature labor.


It's Going To Hurt

If you're not interested in sex, then sure, it may be more uncomfortable. But sex isn't going to hurt you while you're pregnant if you find a comfortable position and relax.


Your Partner Won't Find You Sexy

They totally will. Your partner might be apprehensive about sex because they fear the baby kicking them as they take off your clothes. But many men are even more aroused with your pregnant body, according to Psychology Today, so take advantage of it.


You Can't Swallow

If you've decided to give your partner oral sex, The Bump notes it's perfectly safe to swallow semen as long as your partner is free from STDs. In fact, swallowing your partner's semen can even reduce your chances of pre eclampsia.


You Won't Be Turned On

Chances are, you will be. What to Expect notes that your vulva actually becomes engorged with all of the extra blood flow while pregnant and can make your vagina more sensitive than ever before. Add in sensitive breasts, and you might find yourself jumping your SO every chance you get.


You Won't Orgasm

No one's sure if it's the increased sensitivity of your vagina or the rush of the hormone oxytocin as it floods your body during pregnancy, but not only can you orgasm during pregnancy, you may have more intense orgasms than ever before.


Orgasms Can Cause Miscarriages

Nope, although it can be a little nerve-wracking to feel those cramps after you cum while pregnant. But it's not a miscarriage. Your uterus has always contracted when you orgasm according to The Bump. But now that it's larger, you notice it more. There's no need to be alarmed unless the cramps are persistent or are accompanied by bright red bleeding.


You Don't Have To Use Condoms

You're already pregnant, sure, but if you're worried at all about STDs, you need to make sure your SO wears a condom. Infections can seriously harm you and your baby, so take precautions if necessary.


Post-Sex Spotting Means Something's Wrong

The American Pregnancy Association notes that some women may bleed after intercourse while pregnant because their cervix is tender. If the bleeding is just spotting and fades away, you're more than likely fine. But if the bleeding gets heavier or is accompanied by craps, give your doctor a call.


Your Partner Can't Perform Oral Sex On You

Don't let your SO use this as an excuse. Oral sex during pregnancy is totally safe, as long as your partner doesn't blow air directly into your vagina.


You Can't Have Anal Sex

You can, but it might not be very comfortable, especially if you're suffering from hemorrhoids. But if you're ready to have anal sex, Mayo Clinic notes that there's nothing about it that's harmful to your pregnancy. Just remember to avoid anal to vaginal sex so you don't introduce bacteria into your vagina.


The Baby Will Know What's Going On

Even if the baby is laying in bed next to you as you get it on, the baby has no idea. Get this one out of your head. In fact, What to Expect notes that your baby may actually be rocked to sleep from the movement of sex, so they're snoozing anyway.