These Christmas Memes Are So Totally All Of Us On Christmas Morning It's Scary

As parents know, December 25 is the one day of the year people all over the world are excited to wake up at the crack of dawn. The lure of presents waiting under the tree propels you out of bed, and you can't help but get butterflies in your stomach as you go with the kids to see what Santa brought (even though you're responsible for all gifts under that tree). You know the next few hours will bring tons of funny bonding moments, and these 13 funny Christmas memes will definitely feel relatable come Christmas morning.

Part of the reason seasonal memes get shared so often online is the comfort that comes from discovering other people experience the same weird moments with their families that you do with yours. It's what holiday movies did for you when you were growing up: seeing Kevin McCallister get forgotten in Home Alone makes you laugh because it feels so possible. The infamous "fudge" scene in A Christmas Story still gives you a twist in your gut as a full grown adult because you relate so hard to Ralphie as his father looks at him in horror. And you find yourself rooting against the residents of Whoville with Mr. Grinch, because who doesn't get annoyed every now and then by an excess of Christmas cheer?

Memes have the same impact on you today, simultaneously cracking you up and reminding you that the odd or embarrassing things you get into with your family are actually pretty normal. As cheesy as it sounds, silly pictures from the internet have the power to bring us all together, just like Christmas, so read on for a few of my faves. Santa will be laughing too.


When Your Kid Wakes You Up At 5 A.M.

You literally went to sleep three hours ago because you were wrapping the freaking presents. Why are you being awakened from your peaceful slumber?


But Then You Realize It's Christmas

The date hits you like a shot of eggnog, and you jump out of bed, just as excited as the kids. If you could spontaneously grow a beard to show your holiday spirit like Tim Allen, you would.


When You Finally Get To Prove You're The Best Mom Ever

If I were you, I'd save that big ticket item, the one the kiddos can't shut up about, and say it's from you rather than Santa. Why should that guy get credit for the thing that will make your little ones the happiest? He can give them their second most favorite present.


When You Don't Get The One Thing You Wanted

Sure, Christmas is about the kids once you procreate, but that doesn't mean you're not going to be bummed if your partner doesn't get you the one thing you asked for. Seriously, how hard is it to buy a face mask on Amazon?


When Your Fam Starts Driving You Crazy And You Remember The Only Person You Can Count On Is Yourself

One kid is complaining that they're hungry, another is begging for help putting batteries into their electronic dog, and your partner is too distracted with the perfect present you got them to notice. Sigh.


Opening Your Present From Your Parents With Fingers Crossed Like

You may be a full grown adult, but that doesn't mean you couldn't use some extra cash. You deserve a little something something for how good you've been all year.


Trying To Make One More Plug For Why You Deserve More Presents Than Your Sibling

When it comes to making sure you get the best gifts Christmas has to offer, have no shame. Even if that means throwing your siblings under the bus. Sorry, not sorry.


Looking At What You Left For Santa

Yes, you stuffed every last cookie from the giant pile the kids put out into your mouth around midnight last night, but it was to stay committed to the Kris Kringle illusion. The deliciousness was just a fringe benefit.


When Everyone Is Happy And You Just Want To Sleep

You're thrilled the kids love their presents so much, but when the excitement-induced adrenaline wears off, you just want to nap. This is why assembling the toys on Christmas Eve is a major move: Park the babes in front of their new Hatchimal, and take a snooze on the couch while they wait for it to do something.


When You Hop On Social Media To Find Out What Santa Brought Everyone Else

Christmas definitely isn't a competition, but you do need to mentally prepare yourself for how much your cousin Carrie will be showing off her new jewelry at the family gathering later. The number of Insta posts she makes will be as good of an indicator as any.


When Everyone Is Looking At Their Gifts Instead Of Thanking You

You're mostly happy the kids are enjoying their gifts, but you wouldn't mind a quick "thanks mom" before they settle into a new toy daze. Also, a handwritten note of gratitude and two weeks paid vacation would be great. But whatever. It's not like you care.


Your Inner Monologue After Your Mom Sasses You For Spoiling Her Grandkids

If your mom side eyes the number of packages under the tree, just brush it off and embrace Michael Scott's energy for the day. The kids were really good all year long, and you're thankful you could give them what they wanted.


And Finally, After You Open All The Presents

No one wants Christmas to be over, and the end of gift opening time just means you're one hour closer to the best day of the year ending. Good thing you can still watch A Christmas Story all day to ease the pain.

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