All The Cutest Holiday Home Decor Ideas At Target Will Deck The Halls For Cheap

The second Halloween comes along, the holiday season has officially begun. And once the jack-o'-lanterns are gone, it's officially time to begin the next phase of holiday decorating. If you're the type to put pressure on yourself to make everything perfect, the task can be overwhelming. But luckily, Target is there to help you through every stage of the season. Just like always, the store has a huge assortment of affordable adornments; in fact, you can find some amazing holiday home decor at Target for under $25.

Target is known for its extensive lineup of fabulous products at even more fabulous prices, but their newest holiday decor offerings are some of their best ever. Plus, some of the items on this list are literally cheaper than an Eggnog Latté — and they'll last so much longer, too! With everything from accent pillows and candles to garlands and glassware — all in keeping with the holiday theme — you can make your home as festive as your merry little heart desires.

The items below will be available for purchase beginning on November 4. So, if you're like me and the time for decking the halls literally cannot come soon enough, start planning now!


Metallic Snowflake Pillow

Add this cute little metallic snowflake pillow to a couch or other type of seating area for for a little holiday magic.


Holiday Stemless Wine Glasses

How cute are these little wine glasses? Not that you're limited to drinking wine out of them (eggnog would work just as well).


Deer & Santa Plate Set

Whatever you serve on these plates will automatically look festive. (I mean, they're so cheap, might as well get both sets right?)


Holiday Snow Scene Decor

There's just something so enchanting about these little globes, which add a touch of cheer to any mantle or table top.


Animal Ornaments

These little guys look so sweet all bundled up. I can totally see a few of these on my tree this year. And for just a few dollars, you can afford to get them all.


Holiday Vase

This metallic gold polka dot vase is a glam way to showcase your holiday floral decor, or just as it is to jazz up a tabletop.


Pom Pom Garland

Bring your mantles and door frames to life this holiday season with this sweet, simple garland.


Tin Candles

These holiday decorative candles are a glow-y way to add some ambient lighting to your living area.


Holiday Candle Holders

Need something to do with all those pine and sugar cookie-scented holiday candles? Voila!


Sparkly Reindeer Ornaments

These super sparkly reindeer ornaments will shine up your tree, but don't worry moms, they're the unbreakable kind — yup, plastic.


Animal Throw Pillow

This throw pillow is what you want if you love the holiday season but prefer to turn it down when it comes to Christmas decor.


Mermaid Ornaments


Ho Ho Ho Garland

Candy cane stripes and snowballs make this garland even more jolly.


Cheers Pillow

This pillow will easily take you from Christmas to New Years with its chic black velvet and gold detail.