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These March-Inspired Dog Names Will Always Bring A Little Bit Of Spring

Naming anything can be hard, from human babies to pets to (I would imagine) racehorses and boats. That's why most people look to current events and circumstances for inspiration when they're faced with bestowing a lifelong moniker on some animate or inanimate object, because details make everything more personal. So let's say you're in the business of adding a pup to the family. What are some March-inspired dog names you can put on your list?

There are more options than you might think. In your mind, March is probably a little bit boring, right? That's because by the time February is over, most people are burned out on holidays and social engagements and they're actually ready for a long, empty stretch of nothing special. From Halloween to Valentine's Day, it's just been one "event" on the calendar after another... I totally get the urge to just have a few normal weeks in a row for a change, sans bells and whistles. But as it turns out, there are actually plenty of interesting and entertaining things associated with March that make this time a lot more exciting than people probably expect. Now, I'm not suggesting you go out and do things you're too tired to do... but I am suggesting you use these things as inspiration for your new dog's name (your new dog who will also give you a great excuse to not socialize for a bit).



March is named for Mars, the Roman god of war, according to, because military campaigns that had been "interrupted by winter" typically resumed around this time. Your dog doesn't have to be a military strategist to earn this name, though; maybe he just digs outer space. Ultimately, it's just a cute name.



Another sign that winter is in its final moments, the spring or vernal equinox happens this year on March 20 and was cause for quite the annual celebration back in ancient times. Plus, it makes a pretty cool dog name when you think about it for a could even call him "Nox" for short!



Even if you aren't particularly familiar with the Christian religion, you've probably noticed that there's one day in early March every year when lots of people are walking around with big, gray smudges on their foreheads. Those are for Ash Wednesday, of course, which signifies the beginning of Lent (the 40 days leading up to Easter). And whether or not that's a tradition you practice, you've got to admit that Ash makes one of the cutest, hippest dog names ever.



You've heard this line from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar spoken so often that you can't help but think of it when this month rolls around every year: "Beware the ides of March." What does it mean? Something bad, but never mind because "Ida" is a really sweet name.



See above for the vague connection between the month of March and this classic name, which would also be perfect if you happened to work at an Orange Julius. (Do those still exist?)



It wouldn't have been fair to leave this one off the list when Ida and Julius made the cut, but Caesar also happens to be a perfect pup name (whether you've got the ancient ruler in mind or you're just aM really big fan of the salad.



The Roman god of wine gets his very own parade as part of the annual Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans, as the Krewe of Bacchus website explained (yet another event associated with the month of March). This name would be especially fitting for a dog with a somewhat silly personality.



You've likely heard quite a lot about March being International Women's Month, but did you know that this month also features the birth date of one very important woman? Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born on March 15, 1933, according to CNN. And you don't have to name your pup Ruth to get your point across; "Ginsburg" or even "Notorious R.B.G."



Like Rover and Spot, Lucky is a dog name from the old school, but it's also very March appropriate (St. Patrick's Day is perhaps the month's most major holiday). And don't worry, your dog doesn't have to be an Irish Setter to reap the rewards of such a fortunate name.



Another vaguely St. Patrick's Day-related name (inspired by the pot of gold promised at the end of a rainbow), this would be ideal for a mellow golden retriever type.



Okay, just one more for St. Paddy's Day: Since "leprechaun" is kind of impersonal and there aren't all that many pop culture character references that pay tribute to the magical creatures, borrow this moniker from the classic Disney movie Darby O'Gill & The Little People (also because Darby is just a perfect name for a pup).



You've definitely said the words "April showers bring May flowers" at some point in your life, but you probably didn't know that you were missing something. Originally, the saying went "March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers" (which is totally accurate so I don't know why people stopped saying it that way).



For a curious dog with a sunny disposition, look to your garden for inspiration. March's designated birth flower is the cheerful yellow Daffodil, according to FTD, which would make an absolutely precious name for the right pet.



This one can be tailored to your preferences (Shaq, LeBron), as long as y within the theme of March Madness/favorite basketball players.



There's no shortage of celeb birthdays in March, as American Greetings reported, including Jon Bon Jovi (3/2), Jessica Biel (3/3), William Shatner (3/22), Reese Witherspoon (3/22), and Lady Gaga (3/28)... but one March baby deserves as many namesakes as possible, especially if you have a smartypants pooch on your hands: Albert Einstein (3/14).