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This Year's Top Halloween Costumes From Pinterest Are A DIY Dream Come True

Halloween is kind of a big deal. Not only does it involve all of the tricking and treating, but it’s also just absolute primetime to pull out your best costume game. Some people put a lot of thought into their costumes, taking care to make sure each item they choose for their getup is completely authentic. (Some of those people spend a boatload of cash in order to accomplish that.) Others go DIY crazy, crafting some seriously inspirational ideas. And that’s where these most popular costumes of 2018 from Pinterest come in.

Because have you ever attempted a do-it-yourself anything that wasn’t first searched on the virtual idea board? I feel like every creative effort I've ever seen at events — from a kid’s first birthday party to a backyard wedding — is explained with an “oh, I saw it on Pinterest!” The same goes for Halloween costumes, of course. And since Pinterest partnered with the global fashion search platform Lyst to release the top trending solo costumes of 2018, now you know exactly which pins to peruse when putting your own disguise together.

Sure, there's a little more work involved when you go the DIY route... but what’s Halloween without a little bit of ingenuity?


Tonya Harding

The release of the darkly comedic film I, Tonya in 2017 spurred newfound interest in the Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding and her bedazzled costumes. And, really, can you ever go wrong with sequins?



Whether your favorite is Veronica, Betty, Cheryl, or Josie, there's probably a Riverdale character who will suit your Halloween costume needs. You could, for instance, pick a collared shirt and shift dress to channel your inner Veronica, or opt for something red and a touch of leather to go full Cheryl.


'90s Icons

I mean, is there anything more '90s (and fun) than spicing up your Halloween by dressing up as one of the fab five from this unforgettable pop group? Scary Spice calls for some serious edge, Posh Spice is all about that sleek hair, Baby Spice loves her pigtails and pastels, Ginger Spice kills it in all things red, and Sporty Spice can rock some serious athleisure.


'Black Panther'

If you simply can't get enough Black Panther in your life, then Halloween feels like just the right occasion to embody the spirit of Wakanda. Maybe you want to pair up with your SO and goes a dueling couple Erik Killmonger ($50, Party City) and a Shuri woman ($50, Party City). Or, perhaps, it’s a family affair and you nab costumes for everyone from your youngest to your hubby.


'Mamma Mia'

Flare jeans, overalls, off-the-shoulder tops, and go-go boots ($45, Party City)? Yes, please! Whether you choose to go as Donna from the original movie musical or the young Donna viewers met in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, the reality is simple — you’re bound to have a good time dressed in Mamma Mia! garb for Halloween. Of course, you could also find a few friends to go as Sophie, Sam, or another favorite and put together a fun group costume!


Frida Kahlo

Because I mean — it’s Frida. Snag a colorful flower crown, add some ultra-thick eyebrows that meet in the middle, strike a cool artist's pose and you'll be set. You can even find a full Frida getup ($55) at


Dessert (like ice cream and cotton candy)

Is there really a more appropriate costume for a holiday that represents all things sweet? Whether it’s for you or your little one, you can choose from ice cream ($26, Wholesale Halloween Costumes), cotton candy ($79, Chasing Fireflies), and cupcake costumes ($27, Target) available at stores or go for a DIY option.


Harry & Meghan At The Royal Wedding

Snag a wedding dress from a secondhand store and pair it with wedding day attire fit for a prince (Walmart, $40) for a royal Halloween look.


Liberty Belle and Zoya the Destroya from 'Glow'

In case you needed an excuse to rock an '80s costume, here it is. Get ready to kill it in all the things, including a leotard, leg warmers, bold makeup, and — duh — Aqua Net for days.


Avocado Toast

Here's one thing you can bet on if you go as avocado toast: You will be everyone's favorite foodie friend for the night.



A carnival- or circus-themed costume is kind of an awesome idea for a family who has room for a ringmaster, bearded lady, strongman, and the rest of the crew. Some people even had their pooch dress up as a lion!


Boss Baby

Go the DIY route for a Boss Baby getup or score a super cute suit from Etsy's HouseofDanger ($38, Etsy). Either way, your little one is sure to be a hit.


Old Lady

My daughter was an elderly woman for her first Halloween and I still laugh hysterically every time I look at the photos. I glued cotton balls to a fitted baby hat, then paired it with a floral onesie, leggings, a knitted cardigan, and plastic glasses. Oh and, of course, pearls were included too. Design a fun look with these DIY ideas for old lady costumes.


Boba Tea

OK, this one might rival the avocado toasts of this world. After all, wearing a boba tea costume is about as hip anyone dressed up like a snack can hope to be. Perhaps you and an avocado-toast-wearing friend can pair together and be the most delicious couple of the night?


Sally from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

There are certainly some fun Sally costumes, but this one is really all about the makeup (it’s the most searched beauty look on Pinterest). Get DIY makeup ideas to spur your creativity and pair them with this Sally costume ($32, Target).