These 15 Sheet Pan Recipes With Chicken Thighs Are Seriously Foolproof

I love a good sheet pan meal. They're typically fresh, definitely easy to make — and the best part is they're easy to clean up. And the possibilities are endless, there are sheet pan recipes online with every diet in mind, including these delicious sheet pan recipes with chicken thighs.

But you can seriously do any protein and any veggie pretty much, whether your protein of choice is steak, or a plant-based protein in these vegetarian sheet pan dinners. There are sheet pan recipes for fall, and even Hispanic Heritage Month. There is literally a sheet pan meal for everything; all you have to do is search for "sheet pan recipes" on Pinterest and you'll fall down the rabbit hole of pins upon pins of recipes that are all made on one sheet pan, easy to clean up, and delicious. The perfect weeknight meal, y'all.

And what makes these sheet pan recipes with chicken thighs even sweeter? Chicken thighs are pretty inexpensive to purchase, and you know produce is usually less expensive than meat. So you have a delicious meal that will be healthy, filling, and may even produce leftovers for your family, all for an inexpensive price. Take that, fast food and takeout. So head over to your favorite grocery store, grab some chicken thighs and veggies, and check out these easy-peasy recipes.


One-Pan Greek Chicken

There is just something easy and no-fuss about green beans, chicken, and potatoes for a weeknight meal, but this One-Pan Greek Chicken recipe from Damn Delicious takes this easy, no-fuss recipe and brings it to the next level with the Greek-inspired marinade. Yum.


Sheet Pan Roasted Chicken and Vegetables Over Herbed Farro

OK, I know, so technically the farro isn't in the pan. But it's so easy and this Sheet Pan Roasted Chicken and Vegetables Over Herbed Farro recipe from Brooklyn Supper is so delicious and beautiful, I had to include it on this list. You're roasting all of your root vegetables, leeks, and chicken thighs on the same pan, then in just one pot you make the farro. Not too shabby.


Caribbean Chicken Curry Sheet Pan Dinner

This Caribbean Chicken Curry Sheet Pan Dinner recipe from A Spicy Perspective would be perfect for a chilly fall night — you'll feel instantly warmer, like you're relaxing in the Caribbean, once you take a bite of the curry, cayenne, ginger allspice, and honey-flavored chicken thighs and veggies.


Mojo Sheet Pan Chicken

Look how gorgeous this Mojo Sheet Pan Chicken from A Cozy Kitchen is —almost too pretty to eat. Almost. I know she uses some drumsticks in here, but as long as the amount of chicken is 2 pounds, it should still work perfectly. The mix of citrus and olives seems like it would be odd, but trust me, it works.


Low Carb Sheet Pan Chicken Cacciatore

You won't even miss the pasta in this deliciously decadent Sheet Pan Chicken Cacciatore recipe from A Spicy Perspective. It will go great over some cauliflower rice if you're trying to stick to low-carb meals, but if you're not on that train, It would be heavenly with some penne.


One-Pan Honey Lemon Chicken and Roasted Potatoes

Isn't this One-Pan Honey Lemon Chicken dish from Averie Cooks just pretty and bright to look at? The fact that there's no clean-up after dinner with this dish makes it even prettier, don't you think? Just put foil on your pan beforehand. Honey and lemon is always a winning flavor combination, and potatoes are always the perfect side to chicken. Yum.


Sheet Pan Harissa Chicken with Chickpeas + Eggplant

I actually purchased one of the cookbooks from the author of A Cozy Kitchen a few years ago because I love her photos and recipes so much on her blog. 10/10 I highly recommend picking it up.

Look at this gorgeous and comforting Sheet Pan Harissa Chicken with Chickpeas + Eggplant recipe. The perfect fall or winter recipe for when it's blustering outside and you want comfort food with minimal effort and cleanup. The recipe says as long as you have 1.5 pounds of chicken, you can use thighs or drumsticks, or a combination of both like she did.


One-Pan Barbecue Chicken and Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Barbecue chicken? Yes, please. This One-Pan Barbecue Chicken and Roasted Sweet Potatoes recipe from Averie Cooks is easy and simple perfection, with just marinating your chicken thighs in your favorite barbecue sauce, then tossing them on a lined sheet pan with some chopped potatoes coated in olive oil. Everything blends together and becomes covered in the sauce. Is anyone else's mouth watering?


Sheet Pan Saffron Chicken and Plums

Yum, yum, yum, yum. Just look at this fabulous fall sheet pan meal from Brooklyn Supper. Guys, this has plums, saffron, lemon, cumin, ginger, honey, and more. You just have to make this Sheet Pan Saffron Chicken and Plums recipe this fall. As long as it's 3 pounds of meat, you can use all thighs, all legs, or a mix of the two in this dish.


Sheet Pan Chicken Shawarma Fajitas

The blogger from Climbing Grier Mountain takes her fajita game to the next level in this Sheet Pan Chicken Shawarma Fajitas recipe. Cardamom really takes the fajitas up a notch. And you can't go wrong with a fajita dinner on a weeknight, especially if it's easily cleaned up.


One-Pan Roasted Chicken With Fall Vegetables

Sometimes you just want something simple and satisfying. Enter this One-Pan Roasted Chicken With Fall Vegetables recipe from Damn Delicious. All of your fall favorites are on there, like butternut squash, red potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and more.


Roasted Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

Another simple and delicious fall-inspired sheet pan dinner. This Roasted Vegetable Sheet Pan Dinner from Family Fresh Meals has two kinds of potatoes, red onion, and a warming blend of allspice, cinnamon, and more cozy flavors.


Easy Tandoori Chicken with Vegetables

Foodie Crush's Tandoori Chicken with Vegetables may seem like it's too decadent and fancy for a weeknight meal, but with the veggies and chicken all on just one pan, this is totally doable. The Indian spices will have you adding this dish to your weekly meal plan at least a few times a month.


Garlic Dijon Chicken and Brussels Sprouts

Ironically, I made this dish about a year ago when I found it on Pinterest. I found it again today for my article, and I'm so glad I did. Y'all have to make this Garlic Dijon Chicken and Brussels Sprouts recipe from Natasha's Kitchen. It's deliciously tangy and filling.


Curried Baked Chicken Thighs with Potatoes

Curried potatoes are one of my favorite dish. Combine those with these delicious chicken thighs in Simply Delicious Food's Curried Baked Chicken Thighs with Potatoes recipe, and you'll have a winner-winner chicken dinner.