17 St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Ideas, Even If You're Only Irish On The Outside

'Tis the season for green beer, green rivers, green wardrobes, green grass, green... well, all green everything. St. Patrick's Day is coming, and finding ways to flaunt your 1 percent of Irish heritage is necessary, even if it's only for one day. (And even if that 1 percent is imaginary.) It's only natural you'd want to take the holiday to your nails, so you've got at least a nail of green with you all day, to prevent the pinchers from getting to you. These St. Patrick's Day nail art ideas will keep you feeling Irish all week long.

The best part about St. Patrick's Day, aside from the general jolly camaraderie of your Irish brethren, an excuse to go out for happy hour, and corned beef and cabbage taking the spotlight at every menu, is that there are so many different pieces of lore to celebrate and decorate your nails with. If you prefer a subtle manicure, try out nude nails with gold accents. If you prefer a solid color theme, paint 'em all green and call it good. If you want to go all out? You've got options. Rainbows, leprechauns, shamrocks, glitter, pots of gold, top hats, and plenty of sayings all fit the bill perfectly for this holiday. Look no further, ladies. Here are 17 St. Patrick's Day nail art ideas that won't let you down.


Green Tips And Clovers

Pink, green, and gold are a girl's best friend.


Kelly Green And Shamrocks

Keep it bright, keep it light, keep it full of Irish pride.


Lime Green Luck

You've not one, but two shades of green. And two shades of glitter. What more could you want from a manicure?


Luck O' The Snoopy

Even Snoopy gets down on St. Patrick's Day.


Keep Em Til Easter

Keep these nails through easter with their multi-colored glitter and precious little bunnies.


Shades Of Green

Choose a solid background color, and just add detail. Sparkly, sparkly detail.


Rainbows, Harps, And Clovers. Oh My!

Can't decide which design to go with? One of each works just fine.


Kiss Me, I'm Irish

Remind people that you're Irish in a less than subtle way.


Stripes And Glitter

Your nails will catch the eye of everyone around.


Beaded Irish Glory

These are some straight up statement nails. Go big or go home.


To The Point

These nails are sharp. Literally. (Get it?) With a neutral background, you can play around with decorations even more.


Shamrocks And Gold

I think you'd find these nails at the end of the rainbow.


Simple Stripes

Simple designs mean you can probably get away with wearing them for more than just the week of St. Patrick's. Bonus.


Polka Dots And Leprechauns

You say you want a small Irish man on your fingernail? Yeah, that's doable.


Rainbow Gradient

Loud and proud, these glittery rainbow nails will make waves.


Teensy Tiny Shamrocks

Look at all of those precious little shamrocks. Impressive, and adorable.


Horseshoes and Clovers

Go for a two tone look, and show off your luck with these horseshoes and clovers.