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Hoping To Escape Your Family On Thanksgiving? You Can't Hide At These Stores

On Thanksgiving Day, many of us get along great with our families — extended and otherwise. If you're not one of those people, you might end up desperately looking for an excuse to leave the house at some point on turkey day (especially if racist Uncle Stanley is on the guest list). You could always volunteer to go on a last-minute errand, but what stores are closed on Thanksgiving? Whether you actually need to run out for more napkins and ice or just "need to run out for more napkins and ice," you should definitely plan your escape route ahead of time.

Thankfully, I'm sure your local bar will be open — at least mine always is. And don't worry mamas, Target — the Mecca — will be open on Thanksgiving Day, as will Walmart, Best Buy, Macy's, and Kohl's. And don't forget about all of their Black Friday sales if you do venture out. But if those don't tickle your fancy, here are some stores that will unfortunately not be open on Thanksgiving day, according to On the bright side, these employees get to be with their annoying families on Thanksgiving, too, and won't be forced to come in on a holiday. So kudos to these guys.


Trader Joe's

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Unfortunately, you better stock up on that two-buck chuck before Thanksgiving, as Trader Joe's will be closed.


Barnes & Noble

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My favorite place to get away when I need some "me" time is Barnes & Noble. Unfortunately, I won't be able to sneak away to the bookstore this Thanksgiving.



Publix, where shopping is a pleasure, will be closed on Thanksgiving. So you better make sure you have all of your ingredients for your Thanksgiving feast well in advance. And if you burn the turkey, looks like you'll be going to Denny's.



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Don't forget to check and see if you have enough food for Fido and Fluffy before Thanksgiving Day, because otherwise I guess they'll be eating leftover turkey and macaroni and cheese. (Just be sure they don't get any of the turkey bones, please.)



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Need 45 boxes of dressing mix for Thanksgiving? Better get it all before the big day. Also, good luck to you if you're feeding that many people. You might want to grab that case of wine, too. For yourself.


Home Goods

I think Home Goods is a close second to Target in terms of the Mecca for moms. But tragically, they'll be closed on Thanksgiving day. Looks like you'll have to head to Target for those home decor items.


Home Depot

If anything breaks in your home on Thanksgiving Day, you're gonna have to live with it for just one day, because Home Depot is closed. As long as it's not the dishwasher, you're good.


Hobby Lobby

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Let's be real. Nobody is going to be doing any crafting on Thanksgiving day. So if your cornucopia centerpiece somehow falls apart before your guests arrive, you better hope you have some hot glue at your house already because Hobby Lobby won't be open.


Nordstrom (And Nordstrom Rack)

If your type of therapy is of the retail variety, unfortunately, Nordstrom will not be there for you to get away from your awkward family Thanksgiving dinner situation. You'll have to save it for your therapist next week.


The Container Store

Here's hoping you stocked up on Tupperware and the like for the big day so you can have turkey hash, turkey soup, turkey gumbo, and turkey sandwiches with all those leftovers. (I know the container store sells more organizational containers than just Tupperware, but work with me here.)



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If Lowe's is your go-to home improvement store, you're out of luck on Thanksgiving like the Home Depot crowd. Hopefully your oven doesn't break.


Pep Boys

Better pray you're not stuck at your mother-in-law's house with a car that suddenly won't start: Pep Boys won't be open to get the parts you may need to fix it. (Maybe Uncle Stanley will make himself useful for once and fix your car so you can get out of there.)



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No Swedish meatballs for you on Thanksgiving. And you'll just have to make due with cranberries instead of lingonberries.



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You'll be thankful you did all your bulk pumpkin pie shopping the week before, because Costco is a no-go.


BJ's Wholesale

See Costco and Sam's above.


16. Cost Plus World Market

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Get that harvest decor and wine at the beginning of November so you can enjoy it all month long... and so you don't end up harvest-decoration-free on Thanksgiving day. The wine may not last, but thankfully, Target will be open and sells wine now.



Of course you're itching to get that Black Friday shopping started, but you'll have to wait to raid the shelves at H&M until after the holiday, reported USA Today.