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If You're Having A June Baby, These Summery Names Are *So* Perfect

Having a baby in June is about as perfect as you can get in terms of timing. You avoid the discomfort of carrying 20-plus extra pounds in the summer heat, and you can take your newborn out (with doctor's okay, of course) without having to put five layers of clothing on either your child or yourself. Plus, you can give your June-born child a name appropriate to the month, and trust me, there are plenty of beautiful options out there.

Late June heralds the start of the hot-weather season, thanks to the summer solstice, so a name reflecting the sun and its brightness is one direction parents can go with. You might think of the mood and activities we associate with the month — serenity, calm, visits to shores and lakes — and find a name that matches. If you're an entertainment fan, you could research celebrities born in June for a namesake, such as those listed by Newsday. (Angelina Jolie! Kanye West! Nicole Kidman! Chris Pratt! Neil Patrick Harris! Meryl Streep!) Or take a page from European tradition and choose the name of the saint whose June feast day matches your child's birth date. The British Baby Names site has a feast day list with some interesting choices; for instance, June 24 has Bartholomew, Emilia, and John, while the 3rd honors Clotilde, Karl, Kevin, and Silvia.

Here are 20 June-associated names for starters, and you can have fun delving into the baby name sites (or this website, for that matter) for more options. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that your little one will enjoy having a perfect summer name (even if they might miss out on being able to celebrate their birthday at school).



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If you grew up on the Junie B. Jones children's book series (or read them to your older child), you probably have a soft spot for this name because of the books' spunky heroine. ("My name is Junie B. Jones. The B stands for Beatrice. But I don't like Beatrice. I just like B and that's all.") May your own Junie be just as endearing.



Pronounced "AHN-yah," this Irish name means "brightness" or "splendor," per Nameberry, which makes it appropriate for the summer solstice month. It's also a less-common alternative to Anna or Anne.



This Celtic name means "little fire," according to Mom Junction, which makes it a good fit with the heat of early summer (and the bonfires associated with the June summer solstice).



Pronounced "zhoo-NOH," this is a Spanish boy's name meaning "born in June," according to Nameberry, and how appropriate is that?



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Appropriate for either a girl or boy, this Welsh name means "bright, white sea dweller," according to The Bump. If you're a fan of Morgan Freeman, who's also a June baby, all the better.



This Latin name for "light" is much less common than Lucas, which has the same root. For a girl, use the equivalent Lucia.



One of the two official flowers of June is the beloved sweet-scented rose, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac. That makes it just as appropriate for a June baby as for a June bridal bouquet. The other flower, honeysuckle, doesn't have quite the same ring, although Honey would be a (literally) sweet choice.



This short and very cool name means "sun" in Sanskrit, per Nameberry, making it a fine fit for a June baby.



This Japanese name meaning "sunlight" can also be a nickname for Nicholas, reported Mom Junction, which gives you two options for your June baby.



June begins the season celebrated for its casual vibe and vacation mood. For many families, a summer wouldn't be complete without a trip to a tranquil lake for fishing, boating, or just chilling. Why not name your June baby after a spot that recalls happy memories? (It's a much better choice than "Theme Park.")



In addition to naming your child after flowers and gems of June, you could opt to find a namesake who was also born this month. Case in point: Prince, born on June 7. (Of course, this means dressing your baby in purple at every opportunity.)



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As Mom Junction affirms, this name means "angel of the sun" in French, making it an appropriate pick for a June baby. If it sounds familiar, it's probably because this is also the name of Beyonce's sister (who was also born in June).



June has not one, but three birthstones, confirms the American Gem Society: the pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. Of the three, Pearl is the one that lends itself best to a child's name (although Alex would be another good choice). It's a retro name that's making its way back into vogue.



Cool fact: June is National Aquarium Month, so this name meaning "son of the sea" would match with a baby born this month. It's a popular boys' name, but it's catching on among girls as well.



Another shore-inspired name is this Welsh name meaning "waves of the sea," explained Nameberry. It has a romantic, mystical quality that adds to its appeal.



The Hawaiian word for "sea" is short but powerful, and works for either boys or girls. You could also make it a middle name for any of the choices here.



Need another beachy name? This Irish name meaning "sea warrior" (per The Bump) does the job very nicely. Plus, it could be used for a boy or girl (Murphy Brown, anyone?).



This alternate spelling of Chloe fits the list not only because of its meaning ("young green shoot"), but because June is the birth month of reality celeb Khloe Kardashian.



Not as overused as other Biblical names like Noah or Ethan, Paul deserves a nod on this list because one of the greatest Pauls of all time, Sir Paul McCartney, was born in June, reported Parade.



If you're looking for a different kind of light-filled name, you could go with this pretty Greek name meaning "moon goddess." Especially fitting if your June baby is born during the full moon, which is known as the "strawberry moon" this month.