20 Photos Of Princess Diana Living Her Best Life As A Boy Mom

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Being a boy mom can be a whole lot of fun if you just sort of let go and embrace the chaos. I might not have personally gotten this advice from her, but these photos of Princess Diana living her best life as a boy mom are all the evidence you need that she was all about hanging with her kids.

And I'm not talking the dressy kind of hanging out one might expect from royalty like Prince Harry and Prince William, although their mom Princess Diana undoubtedly knew how to rock a palace appearance with her sons as well. I'm talking about the family when they were caught simply enjoying each other's company. Maybe at a theme park or on the beach. Or simply on their way home from the school pick-up, talking to each other like no one else in the world existed.

When Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris in 1997, she left behind her 15-year-old son Prince William and 12-year-old son Prince Harry. Both men have since become fathers themselves, and Prince William opened up in a recent interview with the BBC about how his mother's parenting has affected him as a dad.

After looking through these photos of their mom just loving the heck out of them, you'll see how her love of being their boy mom imprinted on them.

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