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20 Toys From Costco That'll Seriously Make Your Kid's 2019 Holiday


Costco isn't just for buying 5 pound blocks of cheese or enough cases of canned veggies to get you through the apocalypse — it's also a great place to get your holiday shopping done. There are so many toys from Costco that make the best holiday gifts, no matter what age group you're shopping for. And in true Costco fashion, some of them are absolutely massive and over the top. Have you been searching for enough Frozen stickers to paper over your entire house? Does your kid need enough LEGOs to build a small city? Is your toddler eager to learn their numbers and letters with the help of their very own robot? Yup, Costco's got all that and so much more.

It's not all about over the top splurges, though. There's also some great value to be had at Costco, because many of their toys come in multi-packs. That can be great for starting a collection, or for splitting up among multiple kids to make your holiday shopping a little easier — so don't forget to bring your gift list in addition to your grocery list the next time you hit up the store.

Here are 20 Costco toys for all the little ones in your life this year.

1. Frozen Dolls

Elsa and Anna toys are once again hot this year, thanks to the smash success of Frozen 2. This two-pack of dolls is a bargain at $37. Each doll is 14.5 inches tall and comes decked out in costumes that are just like what they wear in the new film.

2. My Little Pony Set

From Applejack to Pinkie Pie to Twilight Sparkle, all your kiddo's My Little Pony faves are included in this set. It comes with 11 different ponies, plus a bonus Spike the Dragon. Each figure is about three inches tall.

3. Holiday Baking Set

If your little one loves helping out with the holiday baking, they'll love this special set from American Girl. It comes with a kid-sized apron and a matching one for their doll, too. The 14-piece set also includes everything they need to make pretend cookies for Santa — and even a couple of play carrots for the reindeer.

4. LEGO Bricks

This LEGO set comes with a whopping 1,500 pieces in every color of the rainbow. Just imagine all the hours of play that can fill up. It comes with instructions that let your kid build some cool designs, and you can find even more ideas on the LEGO website.

5. Toolbox Set

This isn't your average plastic play set. This toolkit comes with real tools, in kid-sized versions. It comes with a mini hammer and screwdrivers, plus everything your child needs to assemble a real wooden lifting crane.

6. Disney Princess Collection Pack

If your little one has recently discovered the magic of Disney thanks to its new streaming service, this princess pack could be the perfect gift. It comes with mini-versions of Belle, Pocohontas, Aurora and more. Best of all, you won't have to struggle with getting their dresses back on when your kiddo inevitably strips them off — they simply clip on.

7. Activity Center

This three piece Paw Patrol set is both fun and educational for kids. For just $15, you get three different puzzles. One helps your child learn to tell time, another focuses on learning the ABC's, and another is all about matching.

8. BattleBots

Does your child love the show BattleBots? If so, look no further for the perfect gift. This kit lets them build their very own BattleBot. With more than 35 pieces, they can make lots of different configurations for endless fun.

9. Play-Doh

If you don't mind scraping dried up crusty play-doh off your kitchen table or digging it out of your rug every once in a while, this Play-Doh chef set is sure to be a hit. Kids can whip up everything from burgers to pizza and hot dogs. It comes with 40 accessories and 10 colorful cans of Play-Doh, too.

10. Superhero Car Set

These cute cars are perfect for little Marvel fans. There's Spider-Man, The Hulk, Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel. Just pull back these racers and they'll zoom around the house.

11. Little People Set

School's in session with this adorable Little People set. It comes with a school bus, a school house, and three tiny students. It's perfect for helping little kids learn their numbers and letters while having fun playing.

12. Music Making Set

The mini-musician in your life will have a blast with this three-piece set. There's a set of drums, a keyboard, and a pint-sized guitar for baby jam sessions. It's recommended for ages 12 months and up.

13. Creativity Set

This Frozen 2 set is massive in more ways than one. Not only does it comes with more than 1200 pieces, but the case is also about three feet wide. Your little ones will have hours of fun playing with all the stickers, crayons, markers, and more.

14. Learning Bots

Learning their numbers and letters will be a breeze with this cute pair of robots. The AlphaBot and NumberBot each feature a touchscreen and three different game modes. The two-pack is a bargain at $35.

15. Slime Kit

There's something so satisfying about squishing into a glob of colorful slime — at least according to tons of little kids obsessed with the trend. This set comes with 20 colorful tubs of slimes, and lets kids customize them with mix-ins like glitter. Each set also comes with a few surprise figures for even more unwrapping fun.

16. Card Games

This mega pack of card games is like eight gifts in one. It comes with classics like Uno and Phase 10, plus other hits like Mad Gab and Blink. If you're looking for stocking stuffers for multiple kids, buying this set and parceling it out could be a great option.

17. Block Game

Give the gift of family game nights with this jumbo option. This balancing game is definitely over-sized — standing at more than four feet tall. Your kids might even want to use them as building blocks when the game isn't being played.

18. Learning Journey Pack

As the proud owner of two of the three items in this combo pack from The Learning Journey, I am confident your little ones will have an absolute blast with these toys. There's a Count and Learn Cookie Jar, Color Fun Fish Bowl, and Numbers and Colors Pig E Bank. You can give them all to one child for the ultimate educational gift, your check multiple kids off your shopping list by splitting up the three-pack.

19. Bitty Baby

Start their American Girl doll collection young with a Bitty Baby. These sweet dolls are perfect for kids ages 3 and up. Each baby comes with fun accessories like a diaper bag, outfits, shoes, and a bottle.

20. Doll House

What kid's jaw wouldn't drop if they woke up to this massive dollhouse as a holiday gift? This three-story castle features five rooms and comes with 16 pieces of furniture. It's recommended for play with 12 inch dolls, so Barbie might be moving out of her Dream House and upgrading to these new digs.

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