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23 Baby Names For Strength, Because You Got A Fighter On Your Hands

When I was pregnant with my son, people would frequently asked me if I had a name picked out. I was always happy to tell them what my husband and I had landed on, and when I did I almost always got the same reaction: "Oh! That's a good strong name!" I don't know if they knew it, but his name does, in fact, mean "strong, determined protector."So if you're looking for baby names for strength, rest assured you have more than a few names to choose from.

There are lots of ways to be strong, and it's reasonable that you should wish any of them on your child. Strength to endure. Strength to achieve. Strength to protect. Strength to grow. And, of course, physical brute strength because who wouldn't appreciate a buff, weightlifting baby, amiright?! (I kid, I kid.)

And, let's be honest, any way you have and raise a child requires strength. Pregnancy and adoption both require untold stores of fortitude, mental, emotional, and physical. And then raising kids? Same, but multiply it by about a thousand.

Naming a baby can be a task that easily overwhelms a person, simply because there are so many options. Any way you can narrow it down can be helpful, so why not narrow it down by name meaning? So here are just some names that denote strength, power, and bravery for your little warrior:



Whether you're a Hamilton fan or just want something to convey strength and courage, you can't go wrong with Alexander, which means "defender/helper of mankind" according to It also lends itself to the adorable nickname "Alexander the Great."


Philomena is Greek for "lover of strength," according to In the Catholic church, St. Philomena was a 13-year-old Greek princess who became a virgin martyr.


Jedrek is a Polish name that means "strong and manly," according to I think this is adorably funny to give to a tiny baby (you can't even hold your head up without help, baby!), and I also think it's a great opportunity to raise a kid without toxic ideas of masculinity and still be "manly."

Valerie tells us "Valerie" is a French name that comes from the Latin "Valerius," a surname that means "to be strong and healthy."


Many will know the Anglicanized (and more popular) version "Ethan," which also means "strong, safe, and firm" according to In the Bible, Eitan (or Ethan, if you like) is a wise man and musician in the court of King David who authored Psalm 89.


Adira is a Hebrew girl's name meaning "strong, noble, and powerful," according to It is the feminine version of Adir.


According to the Social Security Administration, this name has been overwhelmingly popular since at least 1900. In fact, at its least popular it was the 20th most popular boy name in the United States. But it's a classic for a reason: it's a great name! Moreover, it has a great meaning. William is a compound name of Germanic origin, coming from words meaning "will" or "determination" and "protection" or "helmet." When combined, it translates to "strong protector," per


Melisande, along with related names like Millicent and Mildred (both ripe for a hipster revival, I feel) comes from Old German meaning "strong and industrious," according to



Takeo is a Japanese boy's name that can have any number of meanings, depending on the kanji or characters used to write it. But according to, many of them denote strength. Takeo can mean "is strong," "is fierce/boisterous/rough," and "is mountain."


Bree is an Irish name — a shortened version of Bríghe or Bridget — meaning "strength" or "exalted one" per, probably because Bríghe was the powerful goddess of fire in the Ancient Irish pantheon.


A Welsh name that has becoming increasingly popular over the last 20 years, Owen means "young warrior," according to


Gesa sure does sound cute and unassuming, but tells us it is a German name meaning "spear maiden" which is just the most badass thing I've ever heard. Gesa may look cute, but don't mess with her.


In Greek mythology, Atlas was the Titan who led a rebellion against Zeus, king of the Olympians. After he lost, Zeus punished him by decreeing that he would forever hold up the sky. He was later turned into mountains by Perseus. According to, the name itself means "enduring."


Lenna, the feminine version of the more familiar Leonard, is an Old German name meaning "the lion's strength," according to Other names that harken to lions and their famed strength include Leonidas, Ari/Ariella, Lev, and Llywelyn.


Ekon, pronounced EE-kun is a Nigerian boy's name that means "strong," according to


This variant of the Old English and French name "Audrey" means "noble strength" according to BabyNamespedia.



Once the name of every other boy in your class, I strongly believe this name is due for a comeback. Its origins aren't exactly clear, as it's a name present through Scandinavia, Ireland, England, and the northwest of France, but suggests it may comes from the root words bri, meaning "force or strength," or brîgh, meaning "valor or strength."


Another German name, Valda means "battle heroine" according to This is a great compromise name if your partner won't let you name your baby "Xena Warrior Princess."


Marvel fan? You can do worse than the strong (and dreamy) Thor, son of Odin, and powerful immortal warrior. The name itself, according to means "thunder."


Really love the name "Wyatt" but it doesn't strike you as a girl's name, even though Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher named their baby girl Wyatt? Why not go with Wyetta, which means "war strength," according to


Bernard is a German compound name coming from the words meaning "bear" and "strong and hardy." So, according to, Bernard basically means "strong like a bear," which is low-key adorable, amazing, and hilarious.


Often dismissed as an "old lady name" (which it kind of is, but why dismiss it?!), Gertrude it is a German name that means "strength of a spear," according to, and comes with the precious nicknames "Trudy" and "Gerty."


Like Valerie, Valerio also derives from the Latin "Valerius," meaning "strong and healthy" or, per, "to flourish." It is both Spanish and Italian and is the name of several Catholic saints.