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These 25 Hilarious Memes About Taking Off Your Bra Are Totally You

Some experiences are universal: getting butterflies in your stomach when you like someone, crying at the Sara McLaughlin dog commercials, spending more time picking a Netflix movie than actually watching one. And if these memes about taking your bra off are any indicator, removing your undergarments is a decidedly amazing feeling for the bra-wearing community as well. Free the nipple, indeed.

Bras are a necessary evil to most, though you don't actually have to wear them. There's a myriad of benefits to not wearing a bra, but because of a combination of societal expectations and a need for support, it seems like they're going to stick around for years to come. Obviously, some bras are more comfortable than others, and it's not like they're as oppressive as the corsets women were forced to wear for centuries. In fact, some people prefer to always sport that extra chest support — even to sleep — but the majority of bra wearers are thrilled when they finally get to take it off for the day, according to the internet jokes anyway.

Read on for some of the best memes the world wide web has to offer in honor of glorious moment when you finally get to free your boobs of their oppression, and get ready to feel #seen. I'll be counting down the moments until life imitates the meme.


Let The Countdown Begin

I won't judge you if you're literally counting down the moments until you get to take it off each day, because same.


Face The Facts

Sure, laughing with your kids and waking up next to your partner are great, but nothing beats the sensation of being freed from underwire.


It's An Accomplishment

It is hard to have boobs, especially if you're nursing. From back pain to chapped nipples, breasts can cause discomfort, and bras can make it worse. So props to you for making it through the day.


When It's Finally Time

Because no other single act can offer so much release and instant pleasure! This sea lion's face says it all.


They Deserve To Be Freed

This isn't even dramatic. It's truly like you're getting back part of yourself when you finally unhook that freakin' clasp and let your boobs go.


They're Oppressive

Do you see the non-boob-having population walking around with an itch they can't scratch? Nope. This is an injustice.


But You Get That Sweet Release

The non-bra wearing population also can't know the instant relief of whipping off that medieval torture device, so maybe they're the ones missing out.


When You Can Take Deep Breaths Again

This is you post-bra removal because underwire and breathing were not made for one another. It's not as bad as a corset, but it's close.


It's An Act Of Chest Self-Care

You're basically allowing your body to fully relax for the first time all day when you take your bra off, so Elsa's ballad should probably be playing in the background every time you do. It's only appropriate.


This Is Bliss

You have reached peak relaxation, all thanks to getting rid of one tiny piece of fabric. Incredible.



I'm pretty sure this is the exact face I make every time I take my bra off. I've never related to a goat more.


You Bask In The Freedom

This is your moment. Enjoy it.


A Feat Of Athleticism

Taking off a sports bra is even more relieving than taking off a regular bra because they're so much more difficult to get off, especially when you're sweaty. No pain no gain.


It's A Spiritual Experience

Even on a terrible day, at least you got to experience one brief sliver of joy.


Everybody Celebrate

It's not just relieving, it's exhilarating. Anyone else ever have a post bra-removal dance party? You can finally breathe properly, so you want to let loose.


Plus, Finders Keepers

I've found lipstick, my ID, and even money in my brassiere travels. It's the gift that keeps on giving.


Your Purest Form

If you can see yourself in this cat, it's because she's the picture of peace, and she's living her best life. May we all aspire to her level of comfort.


This Is Womanhood

This queen is majestic and unbothered, just like you when you take your bra off.


The Struggle

Sports bras are powerful but dangerous. Never forget that.


This Is Real, This Is Me

But when you do get that sports bra off, you're at your most powerful and free. It's worth it.


You Fought For This

No matter what kind of bra you're removing, you struggled through the day with that strap digging into your shoulder, just to make it to this moment. Tbh, I'm proud of you.


All Day, Erryday

It's nice that there are some things you can count on.


Hold Up

The duck may have a point. A lot of women unknowingly wear the wrong size bra, so it's worth going to get measured if you're having unusual levels of discomfort. Either way, it'll still be a joy to take it off at the end of the day. Here's to counting down the hours until it's bye bye bra time.


When Someone Asks You To Go Out After It's Off

You want me to put a bra back on after wearing it for twelve hours? Keep dreaming.


Sorry, Not Sorry

Try again tomorrow during business hours.