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Here Are 28 Baby Names Inspired By 'The Office' (Yes, Even Toby)

I have seen all 201 episodes of The Office at least a dozen times — in fact I watched it in the hospital to distract me from labor. If you're as obsessed with this show as I am, you may be looking for baby names inspired by The Office. Thankfully, since the show is supposed to feature caricatures of folks you know in reality, the names aren't super out-of-the-ordinary — like they would be if you were trying to name your kid after characters from Star Wars or something. Not that there's anything wrong with that, though.

Though true fans may balk at the name "Toby," I think it's important he's included on this list — albeit at the bottom because "I hate so much about the things you choose to be," Toby. "Why are you the way that you are?" Even Michael tried to talk to Toby and be his friend, but "that is like trying to be friends with an evil snail." Okay, so maybe you don't want to name your kid Toby... but at least there are 27 other names to choose from on this list of names inspired by The Office. And I know "I can't force you to go down, but I can entice you" to look at this list. (That's what she said.)



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The obvious choice. Especially if you want your kid to eventually become the "World's Best Boss." Ironically, at least ironically in Michael G. Scott's mind, the name Michael means "who is like God," according to Behind the Name. Just make sure you kid never promises a group of kindergarteners that you'll pay for their college tuition if they graduate high school. And if they bring home a girl named Jan for a date, tell them to run away as fast as possible.



Oh, Roy. Did you ever have a complete turnaround by the end of the show. As per, Roy is a Scottish nickname for a "person with red hair." Maybe that's why he had a "thing" for Pam, because of her reddish hair?



If you name your child Jim, be prepared for women all over to swoon — especially if he's anything like seasons 1 through 7 Jim Halpert. Things get a little messy with Jim in the last two seasons in my opinion. Jim means "supplanter," according to Nameberry.



And on the opposite end of the spectrum, I started to like Pam's character more and more as the show went on, and her evolution was somewhat inspiring. She really came out of her shell and started to have more confidence. Perhaps if you name your child Pam, they too will have a great storyline of growing and becoming stronger throughout their lifetime. It's no coincidence that the name Pam means "all sweetness" according to Behind the Name.



SheKnows defines the name Dwight as a "surname derived from Diot, a Latin Dionysius, which is the God of Wine." I feel like the "real" Dwight K. Schrute would appreciate this. Be ready for your kid to be overly eager about their jobs, kind of dorky, and kind of obnoxious at first, but slowly become extremely likeable and everyone's best friend. Oh, and also a black belt. Obviously. And don't let them near your cat if it's sick — we all know what happens then.



Nellie is a character I really, really disliked at her first appearance, but she definitely grew on me once she was no longer "manager." I loved her compassion with Erin and her character definitely evolved. If you name your kid Nellie, they may just be a smart go-getter like Nellie Bertram, and making herself manager just because she can one day. I hope she doesn't have a fear of magicians, though. Nellie means "shining light" or "most beautiful woman," according to SheKnows.



Angela is another character who evolved and became more and more likeable as the show went on. I think that's part of the reason The Office is so great. The characters are all flawed, but they're definitely multidimensional and have quite a lot of depth the longer the show was on the air. If you name your kid Angela, they'll probably be really into cats and perhaps even marry "The Senator" one day, only for him to fall in love with your coworker. It's no coincidence that Angela means "messenger of God." Angela Martin would probably think this was the best name she could have been blessed with as evidenced by her conservatism and her devout Christianity.



Among other things, your kid will definitely be good at math if you name them Oscar. I just hope their boss never forces a kiss on them to prove a point and that they aren't shady enough to have an affair with a coworker's husband.

Oscar means "divine spear," according to SheKnows. And coincidentally, one of the most famous Oscars in history is Oscar Wilde, who was also gay.

Oh, and actually, if you name your kid Oscar, they'll also be smart to the point of annoyance.



Your kid will be obsessed with Pretzel Day at the office and will probably have an affinity for crossword puzzles. If they get angry, they'll become terrifying as they charge at people and ask, "Did I stutter?" The name Stanley means "behind the stony clearing," according to Nameberry.

Also, if you don't name your kid Stanley, "You can shove it up your butt!"



I love Daryl's character transformation in the show. Especially after he is promoted and gets to work "upstairs." He is incredibly kind to teach Michael "black man phrases," such as "fleece it out," "pippity poppity, gimme the zoppity," "goin' mach 5," and most importantly, "dinkin' flicka."

The name Daryl means "tenderly loved," according to SheKnows.



Though mostly crass (especially at the beginning), Kevin is one of the most hilarious and kind-hearted characters deep down on the show. But you must make sure your child never prepares chili for a family gathering with their special recipe if you name them Kevin. However, rest assured they will never give up trying to save a turtle in need, or a dog who appears to be dead (that was the very worst and I cried until his dog licked his face).



Everyone loves to hate on Karen. I understand why, but seriously, it wasn't her fault that she got in the middle of PB&J. I felt so bad for her, while simultaneously being elated when Jim showed up during Pam's monologue and asked her on a date. Thankfully she does end up being super happy. The name Karen means "pure" according to Nameberry.



Let's hope if you name your kid Meredith she won't be an alcoholic who could live out of her van and wears really short dresses on Casual Day and when she pulls it down her boob pops out. Let's hope they're like the hidden side of Meredith who was going to school getting her PhD in Psychology.

Meredith means "protector of the sea," according to SheKnows.


Kelly (Or was it Kellie or Kelley?)

And how old is she? Poor Dwight and Jim can't seem to get anything right when it comes to Kelly's birthday. Everyone also loves to hate Kelly Kapoor, but I loved her character because she was hilarious and confident. Except for when it came to Ryan. She did have some awesome one-liners like when she chimes in "Ryan used me as an object," when the group was discussing the proper usage of "whom."

Plus, Kelly means "warrior" according to SheKnows, so that name is a winner in my book. Maybe someday she'll grow up to have a fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!



Ryan's transformations throughout the show were interesting to say the least. He went from temp, to CEO, to druggie, to hipster, to art student. All while being a jerk the entire time. Hilariously, Ryan means "little king," according to Behind the Name. I always thought he had a Napoleon complex.

Even still, he will never live down the fact that "Ryan started the fire!!!"



Though he was quite attractive, Charles was an evil man. He made my blood boil the way he treated Jim. Thankfully Michael got rid of him during his "negotiations." Maybe your kid will be attractive and not evil if you name them Charles. Charles means "a free man," according to Nameberry, and is the word for "king" in Slavic, Russian, and Polish. I wonder if that's why Charles had such a massive ego? His name did mean "king" after all.



Speaking of attractive men, David Wallace definitely fit that bill. I thought I was weird when I found him attractive until I found out in The Office fandoms that I was definitely not alone. Like it's a thing, y'all. Anyway, strangely enough, most Davids I know are pretty attractive as well — maybe if you name your child David they'll be blessed in the looks department. Or maybe become an entrepreneur and create a toy called "Suck it" and a "catchy" theme song. The name David means "beloved" according to Behind the Name.



Poor Carol. Talk about the worlds creepiest and extra boyfriend. Not only did Michael propose to her on their ninth date, but he covered up her ex-husband's face with his face in a family ski trip photo — with her children. Carol is a feminine form of Charles, meaning "free man," according to Nameberry. Was this why Michael had so many issues with Charles maybe? You never know with these writers. Carol fans can take comfort in knowing that the actress who plays her, Nancy Carell, is married to Michael (Steve Carell) IRL.



I almost didn't put Jan on here either, because yikes. At least the name Jan means "God has been gracious," according to SheKnows. So maybe your kid won't be doomed to be self-destructive like Jan.



Maybe if you name your kid Erin she will be super sweet and kind, but hopefully not quite as naive. The name Erin means "peace," according to SheKnows.



What happened to Andy? What a weird character arc. He went from super unlikeable but tolerable to extremely likable and someone you were rooting for, and then someone that you hated. At least I did anyway. The name Andy means "Brave and manly, according to SheKnows." Hilarious, because I didn't think Andy was either of those things. Maybe your kid will be brave if you name them Andy, or they'll channel the version of Andy that everyone rooted for. At the very least they'll be a good singer, snazzy dresser, and rich?



Even though the name Phyllis is kind of "vintage," older names are definitely coming back in style. Oddly enough, the name Phyllis means "leafy foliage," according to SheKnows. I thought perhaps it would mean "mother goose," or "one who knits presents for people and takes too long," or someone who likes to have steamy sex with her husband Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration. That side of Phyllis was always hilarious, shocking, and kind of gross, considering she basically seemed like everyone's great aunt.



Hopefully if you name your kid Creed he won't be quite as odd as Creed like making fake IDs for minors, being in cults — both as a leader and a member — and eating ming bean sprouts that smell like death, among other weird things. The name Creed means "belief; guiding principle; I believe," according to The Bump.



I loved Holly. And I love how similar she was to Michael and they could just be big dorks together. Forget Jim and Pam, Holly and Michael are relationship goals. Baby Name Wizard says the name Holly was taken from the name of a holly tree.



I know everyone thinks Robert California was one of the funniest and best characters to the show, but I have to disagree. I don't know if I was bitter that Steve Carrel left or what, but I found him to just be gross and creepy. But I know many non-gross and creepy Roberts who are wonderful people, so I guess the name isn't tainted too much. Robert means "bright, shining, famed," according to SheKnows. Kind of makes sense for Robert California's character, wouldn't you say? At least in his mind anyway.



The name Jo is diminutive of Joanne, which means "God is gracious," reported SheKnows. I'd say Jo Bennett was probably a pretty religious gal, since she came from Florida, but I hope your child named Jo is as successful as she was and has two huge dogs to snuggle.



Jo's right hand man, Gabe. The sniveling, dorky Abraham Lincoln of the office. In fact, the only Gabe moment I liked was when he portrayed Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg on the office field trip. Otherwise he was the caricature of the "corporate guy" I have always hated. However, the name Gabe means "God is my strength," according to Nameberry. So, "ciao."



Though your kid may be hated more than anyone on this earth by employees at Dunder Mifflin, especially Michael Scott (and then Jim, once he becomes co-manager), at least the name means "God is good," reported Nameberry. So there's one thing going for him. But he will probably torture everyone with his awfulness though, so beware.