Just 30 Adorable Photos Of Joy-Anna Duggar's Son Gideon To Celebrate His 2nd Birthday

by Casey Suglia

It's official: Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are on the cusp of the terrible twos. Although some tantrums are likely on the way, the Counting On stars' little guy, who turned 2 years old on Sunday, Feb. 23, is a cutie, let's have a look back at some adorable of photos of Joy-Anna Duggar's son Gideon that will make you immediately say "awww."

Loyal Counting On viewers have been there for Joy-Anna and Austin's journey to finding love and becoming parents. Fans watched Joy-Anna start her courtship with Austin in 2016, saw them get married in May 2017 in front of cameras, and were there when she announced her pregnancy around three months later, in August. The following year, the couple welcomed Gideon Martyn Forsyth, on Feb. 23.

Fans even followed along with Joy-Anna during difficult labor and delivery with Gideon during an episode of Counting On. They've been there for all of the couple's highs and lows, watch Gideon grow up from a little baby to a rambunctious toddler. And they've been there when the couple experienced devastating loss in 2019, when Joy-Anna suffered a miscarriage at five months of pregnancy.

Over that time, Gideon has always made his parents and Counting On fans smile. So in honor of his second birthday, let's have a look through some of his cutest moments from the past year.

He Loves Animals

Big or small, furry or not, Gideon loves animals — including his family's new pet dog. Joy-Anna took to Instagram earlier this month to share that they got a black lab puppy named Brielle.

He's A Typical Toddler

Gideon is a typical toddler, especially when it comes to loving messes and spending time outside. Joy-Anna revealed in the caption of the photo that her son loves saying "wow" and leaving his pants unbuttoned.

He's A Mama's Boy

Gideon loves his mama. Joy-Anna and Austin's shared Instagram account is filled with photos of Gideon showing his mom lots of love.

But He Is Daddy's Twin

But that doesn't take away from the fact that he looks almost exactly like his dad. The couple's Instagram account is filled with comments comparing Gideon to his dad. People think that they're practically twins, just 20 or so years apart.

He's An Artist In The Making

Sure, his drawings may be scribbles, but he's already an artist in the making.

He Already Has A Favorite Time Of Day

He may be small, but he's smart enough to already have a favorite time of day — when his dad comes home. In a video posted to the couple's Instagram account, Gideon can be seen giggling for joy as soon as his dad walks into the family home.

He Loves Reading

I mean, what toddler doesn't love "reading," or memorizing the words to all of their favorite books and pointing at the photos?

He Knows How To Pose For A Family Photo

Since Gideon has more than 19 aunts and uncles, he will quickly have to learn how to sit still for a family photo. But it seems to be that he already has the posing down pat.

Road Trips Are His Thing

Just look at how happy Gideon is to kick his bare feet back in the car. He clearly loves road tripping.

He Can Dress Himself

Sure, he might have put his vest on backward, but at least he has tried to dress himself.

He Loves A Good Bedtime Cuddle

What little kid doesn't love to be cuddled before bedtime?

And Dinnertime, Too

Although he may look like his dad, Joy-Anna wrote on Instagram that Gideon "got his love of food" from her. His clean plate of salad proves this.

He Loves Brushing His Teeth

It's rare for little kids to love brushing their teeth, but Gideon is among them. Joy-Anna shared on Instagram that she caught him pretending to brush his teeth with one of her makeup brushes. Adorable!

And Getting His Hands Dirty

Like father, like son. Joy-Anna shared on Instagram that Gideon is obsessed with touching everything and getting his hands dirty. "It is so cute to watch him copy everything Austin does and try to 'help' him work!" she wrote.

He's His Daddy's Best Friend

As if anyone needed any more evidence as to Gideon's love for his dad, these photos prove it.

But Loves His Mama, Too

Just look at how cute they are together! I can't even handle it.

He Hangs With His Cousins

With a lot of aunts and uncles comes a lot of cousins that are his age. Gideon and his cousin Garrett were born just a few months apart, but they are practically twins.

Gideon has also spent some time with his older and younger cousins, too.

And Uncles

Joy-Anna wrote in the caption of the photo that Gideon loves hanging out with his uncles, especially his Uncle Jackson, who "always makes him laugh." Awwww!

And Farm Animals

He really loves his animals, and he knows his animal sounds, too! In a video posted to their Instagram account, Gideon can be heard trying to replicate the same sounds that a horse makes.

And Dogs, Too

Dogs are called a man's best friend for a reason. Gideon cannot get enough of pups — just look at how much fun he has with his furry friends.

He's A Little Adventurer

When it comes to exploring, Gideon is a pro. He isn't afraid to "climb everything," even if it's not necessarily the best idea.

He Loves His "Coffee"

OK, so he might not be old enough to drink coffee, but he's certainly young enough to play pretend. Joy-Anna shared this adorable photo of Gideon "drinking" from her cup of iced coffee, but it's not like he needs it. "He already has more energy than I can keep up with," Joy-Anna wrote in the caption.

And Helping His Mom With Chores

Gideon is already helping his mom with chores around the house. Just look at him helping her do the laundry. So cute!

And "Driving" His Truck

Some little kids just can't wait to grow up — Gideon included. The little boy clearly loves playing pretend, which includes pretending to drive a real car. "Just 12.5 years 'til he'll be driving this truck," Joy-Anna wrote in the caption. "Time is flying way too fast!"