40 Photos Of Royals Wearing Matching Outfits To Spark Some Style Inspo

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Even royal moms like Princess Diana and Kate Middleton want to get their kids to match and streamline the whole family's look sometimes. In fact, it happens quite often and there are many photos of royals wearing matching outfits to pretty much every occasion. And, of course, pulling it off like champs pretty much every single time.

Princess Diana in particular seemed to be a big fan of dressing her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, in coordinated outfits. It could have been the age difference that made the concept of matching outfits so appealing to her. The two brothers are just over two years apart; Prince William was born in 1982 while Prince Harry was born in 1984. Or it could have just been for the benefit of excellent photo opportunities. After all, she did end up matching herself with each of her sons on a few occasions.

Whatever the thinking process behind it was, Princess Diana's coordinated aesthetic has rubbed off on her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton. Photos from over the years show she is a big fan of dressing her family in classic outfits that coordinate beautifully. Why not carry on the family tradition when it worked so well for so many years?

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