5 Times When Those "I Love Motherhood" Facebook Posts Actually Helped Me

Some days, being a mom is just hard. When my oldest complains about every little thing and my youngest experiences potty training and sleep regressions, it's all I can do to keep my sanity in tact. And on those days I have to stay away from social media, as it usually tends to make me feel worse. There are, however, more than a few times when those I love motherhood" Facebook posts actually help me get through the not-so-glorious parts of parenthood. After all, there's always light at the end of the tunnel... and sometimes it's great to see other moms basking in theirs.

For the most part, and while I like connecting to friends and family, social media is a place that makes me feel very self-conscious as a mother. I'll look at what I perceive to be other people's lives and feel irrationally jealous, or depressingly frustrated that I'm not having as a good of a time as other parents seem to be having. What's their secret? What am I doing wrong? Why can't I do what they're doing? These questions plague me, so if I see too many positive posts and pictures of happy family outings I have to leave the internet entirely, lest I start to feel like an indisputable failure.

All social media feeds are viewed through a narrow lens, so I know, logically, that what I see isn't the complete picture. I know that no one is perfect, and that what we share on social media isn't a completely accurate representation of our lives. Still, sometimes those happy-go-lucky parenting posts are a great reminder that motherhood is, in fact, a gift, and one that I should continue to cherish... even when it's a pain in the you-know-what. So with that in mind, here are a few instances when those happy social media posts come in handy:

When I Forget To Enjoy The Little Moments

As a mother I have so many things going on at once, so it's easy to overlook the small stuff. I'm juggling my career, family, marriage, and life obligations, so maintaining any kind of balance is difficult (and, on some days, impossible).

But when I see a post from a mom celebrating a small moment — the kind that can make for a big memory if you're paying attention — it reminds me to stop and pay attention to the small moments my children are experiencing. You know, the ones I work so hard to give them.

When I Need A Boost

Sometimes seeing a mom do all the things is just the kind of encouragement I need to get organized and knock a few more things off my to-do list, too. Hell, if they can do it so can I... sometimes I just need to be reminded that I can.

When Someone Shares A Favorite Product Or Helpful Piece Of Advice

Personally, I love those posts that highlight a product that makes it easier for a woman to love motherhood. We all need help, and sometimes that help can be ordered online and arrive at your door in a few days. So whether it's toys, places to take a kid on summer break, pre-made meals even the pickiest eater will enjoy, or an awesome self-care item, I'm all for hearing what works for other moms.

When I Need Someone Who Just Understands

I know it's "in" to be self-deprecating and talk about motherhood as if it's the worst thing ever, but sometimes I genuinely want to read an "I love being a mom" post on social media that's devoid of any snark. It's nice to know there's a mom out there, somewhere, who doesn't think her kids are the worst. It's nice to know that there's a mom who doesn't feel like she needs a giant glass of wine at the end of the day. It's nice to know that when I really do feel in love with all things motherhood, I'm not alone and, in fact, can talk openly about those moments, too.

When It's Sarcastic

Of course, it also feels great to know I'm not the only one struggling with this whole mom thing. More often than not I don't want to see a "life is great all day every single day" post because, well, I know it's not realistic. So when a mom can highlight how great motherhood is and be sarcastic and real at the same time, I feel seen.