These 6 Signs Could Mean You're Actually Mummy Pig

Hey mama, I know you have a lot to figure out today. There are schedules to coordinate, meals to plan, annoying bosses (your children or otherwise) to deal with... in short, your to-do list is longer than a CVS receipt. But before you tackle all that, I have a very important question for you: Are you, in fact, Mummy Pig? Mummy Pig, as you likely know, is the matriarch from the children's show, Peppa Pig. And though she doesn't get quite the same fanfare as her wildly famous daughter, Peppa, Mummy Pig deserves a deep dive, and that's exactly what we're doing today because, #priorities.

As someone who has been watching Peppa Pig for years with my children, I admit I've never really given much thought to Mummy Pig. I think this is mainly because I'm only ever halfway paying attention to the show (hello, screen time is when we do all the things around the house, amirite?). But when I really started watching the show with Mummy in mind, I came to learn that she is one extraordinary lady, er, pig. Honestly, I need to know what parenting books she read, or which mindfulness podcasts she listens to, because this mama is one cool cucumber.

So whether you're a Peppa pro, or your little ones are just starting down the path of fascination/obsession with Peppa Pig (complete with their own Peppa-inspired British accents), turns out, there's a lot to glean from how Mummy approaches parenting. If you have any of the six traits below, you just might be a Mummy Pig yourself!


You'd Do Anything For Your Kids

The first thing I noticed about Mummy Pig is that she will do anything for her kids. Case in point: In season five, episode seven, entitled "Parachute Jump," we learn there's a leak in the school's roof. Inexplicably, the only thing they can think of in order to raise money to fix the leak is to have a fundraiser in which a parent jumps out of an airplane. I mean, I know bake sales have been done to death, but maybe a nice auction instead?

Anyway, Peppa and George volunteer Mummy Pig for the task (because of course they did), and the next thing you know there's a line of people (do we call them people?) outside of Mummy's house thanking her for taking on the task. Understandably, Mummy Pig is like, "What? I've never done this before!" Then Madame Gazelle goes in for the kill. "Remember, it's for the children." With that, Mummy Pig leaps into action (literally) and takes one for the team.

So remember mamas, the next time your kid's school asks you to participate in a fundraiser and you don't want to, take a page from Mummy Pig and do it for the children... unless they're forcing you to jump out of an actual airplane.


You're Patient With Your Partner

Guys, Daddy Pig is just the worst, and no one has to deal with it more than Mummy Pig. I was watching an episode the other day where they go to Paris and Mummy Pig is like, "Honey, they may drive differently here" and he's all, "Listen little lady pig, I think I know what I'm doing" even though he's totally driving the wrong way and every single car is swerving to avoid hitting them. It's a legit nightmare.

But Mummy Pig takes it all in stride and keeps her cool as he bobs and weaves through yelling Frenchmen. I like to think she knew it would freak the kids out if she started panicking, and instead pulled him aside later and gave him a stern talking (or snorting, as the case would be) to about the importance of safety behind the wheel.


You Go With The Flow

I recently re-watched the "Mummy Pig's Birthday" episode and was pleasantly surprised to see the family had planned a special day for her. They started with breakfast in bed (a lovely touch) but then realized her cake wasn't ready and they still needed to decorate for her party. Here's where things go a bit sideways. Instead of offering to send her out for a nice spa treatment (a mud bath perhaps?) they just keep shuffling her around the house and then eventually tell her to wait outside until they're ready.

Rest assured, if this were me, I would not just casually go kick rocks while my family got their act together for my party, but this is where Mummy Pig provides a great deal of inspiration for all us impatient people because instead of flipping out, she goes with the flow, focusing on the lovely day her family is trying to create instead of the fact that their time management skills need some major work. Happy birthday, Mummy Pig. You are the real MVP.


You Laugh Through Tough Times

In the episode "Mummy Pig at Work" we see Mummy sitting at her computer with her family downstairs while she's trying to work. Any work-from-home mother can tell you this rarely ends well. Sure enough, a few minutes later the kids come upstairs and break her computer. She's upset, but keeps her cool and goes downstairs while Daddy Pig tries to fix it.

After he (miraculously) fixes the computer, instead of calling her back up, Daddy and the kids start playing a video game. When Mummy Pig comes upstairs to see this, I'm certain this is going to be the moment where she completely loses it. But what does she do instead?

Friends, she starts rolling around on the floor laughing with them. I aspire to have this level of patience with my family when I'm trying to work. Mummy Pig is new working mom goals.


You Solve All The Problems

In this one episode I saw, everyone wants pancakes for breakfast and while Mummy Pig is making them, Daddy Pig keeps telling her to "flip them higher" even though they are perfectly fine and she didn't ask for your opinion, thank you very much.

Her response is perfectly passive-aggressive: "You can show us all how when you flip your own pancake, Daddy Pig." Boom. I've never been so proud of her. She says this to him three times and then makes him get up and flip his own pancake. Which, obviously, he flips up to the ceiling.

Daddy Pig is really upset because this is the last pancake but he can't figure out how to get it down. Mummy Pig to the rescue! She springs into action and figures out if they jump up and down from upstairs, the pancake will fall off the ceiling.

Is there nothing this woman can't do?


You Have Eyelashes For Days

This doesn't really have anything to do with her parenting, but have you seen Mummy Pig's eyelashes? Are those natural? Do you think she has extensions? Is that yet another thing Miss Rabbit is responsible for? Whatever her secret is, please know that if you also have eyelashes like this, I'm staring at them/you out of admiration - just like I do Mummy Pig.

For a mother who devotes so much of herself to her family, my guess is that Mummy's eyelashes are her way of practicing a little self-care. Hopefully, we're all doing the same.