7 Best Mother’s Day Sex Positions For Women, Because You've Got Priorities


Every mom deserves to be spoiled on Mother's Day, from head to toe and everywhere in between. If you're trying to figure out what your partner really wants on her special day, let me give you a hint: it's probably X-rated. There are some amazing Mother's Day sex positions that will totally blow her mind, and leave her way more satisfied than flowers and candy.

A mom shouldn't have to lift a finger on Mother's Day, so an ideal sex position is one where she does minimal work but gets maximum pleasure. There are some positions that are more likely to help women orgasm than others, according to Bustle, and the big O should definitely be your main goal. If you really want to win the Partner of the Year award, follow it up by letting her take a much needed nap. A good romp can actually make you quite tired, according to Sleep.org.

These seven sex positions are sure to put a massive smile on any mom's face on Mother's Day. And keep in mind that you don't have to pick just one, of course — why not try them all? Just don't forget to lock the bedroom door.

1. The Macaroni Necklace

This could be referred to as face-sitting, but isn't in way more fun to call it The Macaroni Necklace? Mom won't be able to wear her handmade pasta jewelry ever again without blushing after trying out this move. Her partner lays down, and she sits with her legs on either side of their neck (like a necklace) in prime position to receive oral sex. Happy Mother's Day, indeed.

2. Woman On Top

Mom will need to do some of the work if she's going to get on top, Cowgirl style, but it'll likely be more than worth her while. As Thrillist pointed out, when she's on top, she's in control, and that may make it more likely for her to orgasm.

3. Doggy Style

Men and women both report loving doggy style sex, according to Maxim. You can never go wrong with a trusted favorite when you're trying to make sure she gets her rocks off for the day.

4. Spooning Style


The thing that women love about spooning style sex, according to Health.com, is the full body contact. She just needs to lay on her side while her partner snuggles up close and penetrates her from behind.

5. Lotus

To get down in the Lotus position, Pop Sugar explained that mom should take a seat on her partner's lap, while they're also sitting up. Getting busy while facing each other lets you kiss and cuddle, heightening the intimacy.

6. Missionary

Sometimes you just need to go with a classic. Some women told Cosmopolitan that missionary sex is a favorite because it makes them feel close to their partner, so just let mom lay back and enjoy while you get to work.

7. Solo Sex

What mom might need more than anything on Mother's Day is a little alone time. Giving her some space to, ahem, address her own needs, might be just what the doctor ordered. You just might find that she's more inclined to invite you to try out positions one through six once she's rested and ready.