7 Creepy Things People Say To Breastfeeding Moms With Small Boobs

Breastfeeding can be difficult, for a number of reasons, but I'll argue that how our society views breastfeeding, and the things people say about breastfeeding as a result, are what make it so challenging. Sure, you can have low supply or oversupply or clog milk ducts or infections, but the things people say to women breastfeeding in public are beyond hurtful, judgmental and shaming. Sadly, the things people say to breastfeeding moms with small boobs are just as hurtful, judgmental and shaming, but they're also creepy. So creepy, in fact, that it can turn even the most steadfast, self-confident woman off to breastfeeding (or, you know, at least in public and without a cover).

I've always been relatively small chested, even when I was breastfeeding, and was never personally bothered or upset by it. I love my body for a list of reasons, and the fact that it gave me my daughter and allowed me to feed her is definitely on that list. Some people, however, seem to think that having smaller breasts when breastfeeding can leave your baby at a disadvantage and, in turn, gives them a right to comment on your breasts, your baby, your breastfeeding and the rest of your body. To be clear, your breast size is just right for your baby, and they will get exactly what they need and will never be unsatisfied (if there are, of course, no complications).

Until we change the way our culture views breastfeeding, and educate people so a large majority of individuals don't think that breast size has anything to do with a woman's ability to breastfeed (or is something anyone should be commenting on, in general) you, sadly, will probably continue to hear creepy comments when you breastfeed in public. This is why normalizing breastfeeding is so important. This is why openly discussing a woman's choice and ability to breastfeed is crucial. This is also why it's important to look at the creep things people say to women with small breasts, because knowing is the first step in fixing a problem.

"There's No Way You're Making Enough Milk..."

Look, a breastfeeding woman's milk supply is already an anxiety-inducing topic. We all worry about producing enough milk for our kid. Just because my breasts aren't a size our society has arbitrarily decided is "big enough," doesn't mean my breasts aren't "big enough" to make enough milk. Size doesn't matter, you guys.

"Can Your Baby Even Find Your Nipple?"

This is just, no. Absolutely not. It's beyond infuriating (and sad and indicitive of our patriarchal society) that anyone would feel like they have the right to comment on a woman's body, let alone her nipples, just because she's breastfeeding. Feeding my kid isn't an open invitation for you to say things about my body. Feeding my kid isn't an open invitation for you to even stare at my body. Feeding my kid is just, you know, feeding my kid.

"You're So Small, That Must Hurt"

Ummm, do you mean like how it's supposed to hurt worse to get a tattoo if you do it in an area where there's less fat and more cartilage? No. Tattoos hurt, regardless, and breastfeeding (sometimes and especially in the beginning) hurts, regardless.

"Can Your Baby Fit Their Mouth Around Your Entire Boob?"

No. Just no. First, this is entirely inappropriate. Second, babies have ridiculously tiny mouths. Even if my boobs look "ridiculously tiny" to you, my baby's mouth will never fit around my entire boob and, you know, perhaps it's time you grow up.

"Your Baby's Head Is Bigger Than Your Boob!"

Good! Because clearly you're spending way too much time staring at me, so at least all your seeing is the back of my baby's head and not my breast. Why is it so important that you see my boob? This is me feeding my kid, not a show.

"I Bet You Wish You Had Bigger Boobs Now, Huh?"

How I feel about my body is my business, thanks. Furthermore and most importantly, please don't assume that I think anything is wrong with my body just because you, apparently, do.

"Did You Get A Reduction Or Did Breastfeeding Do That To Them?"

You know what, I can't. We need to start talking about breastfeeding openly, honestly, factually and on a national level because I just can't handle these ridiculously creepy comments anymore, you guys.