7 Gabriel Maddox Theories Every 'How To Get Away With Murder' Fan Needs To Know About

ABC's How To Get Away With Murder always has some incredible plot twist to keep fans guessing and this season's finale on Thursday was no different. At the very end of episode, viewers were introduced to a new character that Frank apparently knows and identifies him as someone's son. We just don't know whose yet, but fans already have so many Gabriel Maddox theories and how he fits into the How To Get Away With Murder family, even if some of them are a little outlandish.

After the episode, showrunner Pete Nowalk gave a couple interviews confirming that the next season will likely revolve around Gabriel's identity for at least a few episodes. He told The Wrap of Gabriel's character arc, "My instinct now is it’s gonna be a little bit of a mystery. It won’t be too long, but I think — you know, Frank seems to know who he is. But I don’t know who else does on the show. It’s going to be really fun to slowly — I want people to get to know Gabriel before we know his origins."

Since this show really likes to keep viewers on its toes with twists and turns, which means that Gabriel could literally be anyone. Here are some fan theories about who is he and what he's up to in Philadelphia.

He's Bonnie's Son

This seems to be the most popular fan theory at this point. During the final montage, as we meet Gabriel, Nate is looking over the files that Denver had on them. On Bonnie's there's a note that someone was an exact DNA match with the question, "child alive?" on the file. Bonnie's kid has been mentioned throughout the season, though she believes that it's dead — or she's lying about it, or someone lied to her about it. Either way, it's definitely possible this Gabriel person is her long lost son.

He's Annalise's Son

A lot of people on Twitter seem to think that Gabriel is Annalise's son. But we once saw a heartbreaking scene in which Annalise holds her dead baby in the hospital, so it's not the son that we might think it is. He's 20-something years old if he's registering for law school, so maybe there's some dark secret we don't know yet about Annalise's life. Like she had twins and no one told her? I guess anything is possible.

He's *Actually* Wes

This is the most out-there of all the theories. There have also been scenes in which we saw that Wes was definitely dead. Yet, some people think Gabriel might be Wes with plastic surgery. Since the actor who plays Gabriel, Rome Flynn, has a history in soap operas, maybe things are about get very daytime television. I wouldn't bet on it, though.

He's Wes' Brother

Everything seems to come back to Wes, which is why some people think that maybe Gabriel is Wes' brother that we've never heard of. It's entirely possible his mom had more of a relationship with Mahoney or someone else.

He Could Be Tegan's Kid

Although we're all focused on Bonnie and Annalise, remember that there's another badass woman in town. Why couldn't she have a son no one knows about? It would be fun to have Tegan have a more fleshed out storyline.

It's Laurel's Brother

We know that we're not done with Castillo drama just yet. While getting into the shower, the camera shows that Laurel has huge scratch marks on her arms, which could mean anything. But it's likely that they're from struggling with her mother, who could, technically, have a son Laurel doesn't know about. It's likely the next season will focus on those scratches, so it could all be connected.

It's Michaela's Brother

Alright, this was more of a joke someone made to show how ruthless Michaela's become. (Really, deporting Simon was very messed up.) But who knows — her family has had a role on the show before. If this season was all about the Castillo clan, why not explore Michaela's family, too?

On How To Get Away With Murder, you never know what's going to happen. But that's half the fun, right?