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7 Reasons Why Being Pregnant In June Is The Best

I'd argue that no matter what time of year you go through pregnancy, you either love it or hate it. And while the seasons can dramatically affect your perspective, pregnancy symptoms are, more or less, the same regardless. Both of my pregnancies began in late January and ended in October, though, so I've had a bit of experience being pregnant in the Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall months. Which is why I can honestly say that being pregnant in June is the best, hands down.

Both of my children were due in October. In fact, they were due on the very same day in October, just five years apart. So I considered June to be something of a halfway point, if you will, and it was at that point when I was able to gauge whether or not I loved, or hated, being pregnant. I'd been sick through the entire first trimester during both pregnancies, so I hated my pregnancies up until that point. But then June hit, I was into my second trimester, and my attitude changed entirely. So while it might not see like a big deal, June gave me some much-needed perspective, which just so happened to coincide with the beginning of Summer.

Yes, for me June was a time for celebrating my pregnancy while I could, and when my pregnancy symptoms subsided long enough for me to actually enjoy it. And while no two pregnancies are alike, if you're pregnant in June I hope the following rings true for you, too:

The Weather Is Just Right

If you're pregnant in June you've been victorious in surpassing the cold weather months and, as a reward, you get to relax as Summer begins. Admittedly, I'm a huge fan of cold weather and prefer it to heat — especially when I'm pregnant and sweating entirely too much — but I think June is a solid compromise.

You Can Wear All The Sundresses

Name a piece of clothing more comfortable to wear when you're pregnant, than a sundress. Oh no, go ahead. I'll wait.

You can't, can you? You know why? BECAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST.

You Have The Perfect Excuse To Stay Inside

Don't want to go outside and sweat your you-know-what off? You don't have to, because you're pregnant. Don't want to go to your friend's beach party that's going to have way too many people you don't know in attendance? Oh, you don't have to. You're pregnant.

If going outside and getting a tan isn't your thing, you can always blame it on the pregnancy.

You Have The Best Maternity Picture Backdrops

If you've never stood waist-deep in a field of sunflowers while pregnant, are you even living? June is the best month, in my opinion, to get those beautiful maternity shots.

You Have A Day Set Aside To Celebrate The Dad-To-Be

Father's Day is in June, so if your partner is a father and preparing to parent with you, you have a designated day set aside to remind him that he is part of this journey, too. (And you can gift him with some babies books to read, while you're at it.)

You Don't Have To Worry About School Activities

If you have older children, they're probably no longer in school in June. And while their constant presence is probably exhausting, it's also kind of nice to know you don't have to worry about school picks up and drop offs and after-school activities. They're on vacation, and so are you.

Turning On The AC Is Appropriate

I don't know about you, but I run hot when I'm pregnant. Turning on the air conditioning in the middle of Winter is usually frowned upon in my house, though. But in June? Well, turn that bad boy on high and run that electric bill up.