6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Hold Back When Celebrating Your Pregnancy

by Dina Leygerman

By today's standards, I was somewhat young when I got pregnant with my first child. I was newly married, about a year and a half in, when my husband and I decided we would try for a baby. I was pregnant within a month and, honestly, had minor panic attack when it happened so quickly. I now realize we were very lucky. Although I had a very difficult pregnancy, I didn't hold back from celebrating it. I found small, significant ways to celebrate my pregnancy and everything that involved my unborn child. The only celebration I went without was a sex reveal party, mostly because that's just not my style.

With my first pregnancy, I didn't do a maternity shoot because those weren't all that big a deal at the time. Pregnant women weren't dressing up in their most ethereal dresses and taking breathtaking photos of their gorgeous pregnant bellies. The second time around, though, I definitely took some cute maternity photos. During my first pregnancy, I found out I was high risk due to a heart condition. The combination of the condition and the constant monitoring took a toll on my morale, so celebrating myself and the unborn child became more difficult, I just wasn't into any of it. All I wanted was a healthy baby. However, after numerous ultrasounds and positive news, I decided I would celebrate the pregnancy and allowed for a baby shower. It was a lovely time, and I felt celebrated and loved and cared for by my closest people.

Although in the Jewish tradition a baby shower is not allowed until after the baby is born, I decided to not follow the old rules and just celebrate my pregnancy the way I saw fit. Sure I felt some side-eye from judgmental people, but I didn't care at all. I am not even religious, and to follow some sort of archaic ritual was not in my plans. So, I had a shower and it was glorious, and I recommend all mothers-to-be celebrate each one of their pregnancies any way they see fit, and for the following reasons:

Because You're Growing A Human

I mean, why wouldn't I celebrate the fact that my body was growing an actual human being. I was, all on my own, creating a person who would become part of the world. I was doing it. My body was working super hard to make a human and that is definitely worth celebrating. Anyone who says otherwise has either never been pregnant, or hates fun.

Because No One Cares About Mothers

Let's be honest, here: our society really doesn't care about mothers. It cares about reproduction. It wants women to reproduce, and once those women have the children, the women are shoved aside and no one cares to support them anymore. The fact that this country still doesn't have mandatory paid family leave, and the fact that women have to wait six weeks to see a doctor, further proves that this society doesn't truly support women the way it claims.

So, yeah, I will celebrate my pregnancy, because I know the moment I am no longer pregnant, all that faux support and care will go out the proverbial window.

Because It's A New Life Chapter

Despite the fact that I had a difficult pregnancy, it was still my very first time. And, just like all firsts, the first time you're pregnant should definitely be celebrated. I wanted a baby shower and I wanted to feel special. Sure, I could have just decided to be miserable my entire pregnancy, but I am typically a pretty happy person... so any misery was short lived.

Because The Future Is Always Unknown

I mean, how could I have known my first pregnancy wouldn't be my last pregnancy? Who knows what can happen in the world, right? Anything can happen, really. I knew I wanted two kids, but during my first pregnancy I was no longer sure I wanted to do go through the entire ordeal a second time. That first pregnancy could have very well been my first and last, so why wouldn't I celebrate it?

Because Pregnancy Is Difficult

I had such awful morning sickness, I couldn't even eat for the first three months. I had a high-risk pregnancy, so I had to have ultrasounds and monitoring every four weeks. I was constantly nauseous, had horrible heartburn, and was generally in a ton of pain everywhere. So, when I finally felt a little better, somewhere along the third trimester, I decided I wanted to celebrate the whole pregnancy thing. So, I did, and I don't regret it not for a minute.

Because Why Not?

Celebrate yourself, girl. Why not treat yourself? Why not get all dressed up, invite your closest friends and family, and throw yourself a party? Why not celebrate the fact that you're creating a human life? Why not celebrate the fact that you are an amazing superhero who can make people out of virtually nothing? Why not celebrate you? Why not?