7 Stereotypes About City Moms That Are *Totally* True

Parents have a seemingly endless amount of choices when considering where to raise their children, and every choice is valid for a variety of reasons. For parents choosing that "city life," a proximity to cultural events, access to public transit, and a fast-paced schedule are just some of the positives to raising kids in a concrete jungle. There isn't a single parent that can avoid stereotypes though, and in the case of metropolis moms there are city mom stereotypes that are actually true.

While I haven’t lived in the City (read: New York City), I have lived in a rather large city all my life: Miami, Florida. And though I live in Denver, Colorado now, a smaller city, I still consider myself more of a city person and, since I'm a parent, a city mom. I’ve always enjoyed the energy of a city, too. I love to people watch, I enjoy going to museums and concerts, and I am, frankly, not very much of an outdoors person. And if you're keeping track, that's a stereotype, stereotype, and yes, another stereotype — all pretty accurate.

While I like hanging out in the mountains or at the beach, I could never be convinced to move too far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and I know I'm not the only city mom to feel that way, either. So with that in mind, here are a few other city mom stereotypes that are pretty accurate:

Their Kids Have The Trendiest Names

This might not necessarily be a city mom thing alone (plenty of other “mindful”, yoga-enthused, millennial parents do the same), but it's definitely something many city moms do. Not that we should judge what parents name their kids, of course. It just might be that city moms are being extremely practical, because not giving their kids common names definitely decreases the odds of confusion in their kids' future classrooms.

They Stress Out About Finding A Preschool

All the city moms I know stress about preschool, because many cities require months (if not years) of advance notice to apply. In fact, some city moms actually start searching and applying while they're still pregnant.

It took me months to find an open spot for my son in our neighborhood, and I know I’m one of the “lucky” ones.

They Prefer Parks To Backyards

There's something awesome about not having to deal with lawn maintenance. And, in my experience, most prefer having access to a huge park that all the city kids can call their own.

She Wears Her Kid Or Puts Them On A Leash

Cities are busy places and strollers are just not great for crowded spaces. So you’ll probably find city moms carrying their babies in in a wrap or sling. And, of course and in almost every city, you’ll find at least a few kiddos on leashes.

They're Into Trendy Workouts

While you’ll find some city moms working out at that great local park, many others opt for the next chic workout. Pilates, you say? Of course, it’s great for your core. If not, there’s always Buti yoga, SoulCycle, and indoor surfing.

They're Always In The Know

City moms are super connected to what’s going on in their area. I mean, that’s part of the point of being in the city. Moreover, the city mom is connected to everything that’s cheap or free because, let’s face it, city life is expensive.

They’re Open-Minded AF

Unless she's like Attorney Aaron Schlossberg, odds are the city mom is extremely open minded. Why? Well, when you're in the city you're frequently exposed to diversity and inclusion. So a city mom is comfortable around all kinds of people, and celebrates people's difference because, in the end, she knows her kids will only be made by them.