7 Thoughts Your Baby Has When You’re Bed Sharing

Whether you’re all about bed sharing, or have only done it reluctantly in the nape of a successful sleep, one thing's for sure: babies love sleeping in their parents’ bed.I have yet to meet a baby or young child who complained about having to sleep in a bed that's roughly 10 times their size or sharing space with their parents. Actually, it's enough to make you wonder: just what is your bed sharing baby thinking?

It can be fun to wonder what cross the minds of our still mostly uncommunicative children. We can take guesses, of course, and essentially take a stab in the dark while we're wide awake in the middle of the night in the dark. When they coo or smile, or when they giggle or fuss, us parents are left wondering just what is on our baby's mind. I know my son always at least appeared to love sleeping in my bed. He never slept more soundly (except maybe when I rocked him in my arms). Even now, as a toddler, he still comes to our bed in the middle of the night in the hopes of sharing some bed space with his parents. I don’t usually mind scooting over a bit, though I’m totally over the whole getting kicked and punched while he “adjusts.”

I know my son must be thinking all sorts of things when he gets to jump into our bed, including but certainly not limited to the following:

“I Love Sleeping Next To My Parents”

Babies love to be near their parents. They just spent months hanging in the comfort of mommy’s uterus, so when they're out they still like to be snug. So odds are, one of their main thoughts while snuggling beside you is just about how happy they are.

“This Is The Biggest Bed in The World”

When your height is still measured solely in inches, everything seems big. Still, and when compared to the confines of a bassinet or crib, our adult beds must seem ginormous. I know I’d love to sleep in a bed that was 10 times my size.

“This Is The Coziest Bed In The World”

My toddler is currently obsessed with “getting cozy,” and there’s no place better for assured coziness than my bed. Maybe it’s my fault, because I always talked about him getting cozy next to me, but little ones know just how comfortable our beds can be, especially with all those pillows and

blankets. (Note: For safety reasons, you shouldn’t use blankets or pillows when bed sharing or co-sleeping with babies.)

“It’s Nice To Be Able To Drink Milk Whenever I Want”

For the babies who breastfeed, it must be wonderful to be able to just reach out and find milk. I’m sure bed sharing babies must absolutely love this.

Honestly, lots of moms do, too.

“I Hope My Parents Like This Massage”

Little ones can’t get enough of stretching out while they share your bed. While it’s totally cute during nap time when we’re up and about, it’s maddening when you’re just trying to sleep. Makes you wonder if kids think we actually enjoy their tough-love massages in the form of teensy kicks and whacks and punches.

“I Wonder Why My Parents Are So Grumpy In The Morning”

We’ve all been there: trying to bury our heads in the pillow while our bright-eyed, bushy-tailed babes smile at us, ready to take on the world at some ungodly hour early in the morning. They have no concept of how tired we are, how hard we work, or how we are desperate for the next 3-day weekend. Sigh.

“I Want To Bring All My Friends Here”

Raise your hand if your little one’s plush animals have ever taken over your bed. Yeah, thought so. We’ve all experienced it once or twice, whether it’s being unable to lie down without crushing a plushie or discovering a toy car under your pillow.