8 Reasons Sex Positive Women Are Better In Bed

Everyone likes to boast that they're the absolute best at sex. Whether it was that one kid in high school who clearly hadn't had sex yet but felt the need to declare himself "king of orgasms" in order to save face or a particular group of individuals who are probably truthful in their honest examination of their collective sexual prowess, the ability to turn it up between the sheets has been a point of pride since always. Which is why it's worth mentioning that if there's a silent contest for who's the best in bed, sex positive women win.

When a woman identifies as sex positive, she's letting everyone know that she believes that all safe, consensual sex, is good sex. She won't view her sexual desires as anything other than normal, and she won't claim sex as a taboo topic that shouldn't be openly discussed and shamelessly explored. The freedom afforded and passionately owned (and often times, fought for) by those who identify as sex-positive, undoubtably manifests into great sex, awesome sex, enjoyable sex, and satisfying sex.

The unnecessary social stigma surrounding sexuality — particularly women's sexuality — can inhibit the sex any one woman or women have. It can weigh women down, to the point that they feel like they have to adhere to an unrealistic standard of stifled sexual need, in order to be seen as a "good" or "nice" or "worthwhile" woman. But the sex-positive movement is working towards changing the way we view and talk about and engage in sex, and that change can result in some mind-blowing bumping of the ole uglies.

So, with all that in mind, here are eight reasons why sex positive women are better in bed. Nothing says "great at sex" like shame-free sex.

They're Not Ashamed Of Sex

A sex-positive woman knows that all safe and consensual sex is good sex. She's aware that sex is a natural part of our human existence and isn't going to let social stigmas or religious judgement dictate her sexuality and the way in which she chooses to explore and express it. Sex is nothing to be ashamed of, and it most certainly doesn't decrease an individual's value. The freedom that comes with that knowledge is, well, sexy.

They're Not Afraid To Talk About Sex

Because sex isn't a taboo topic for a sex-positive woman, she won't be afraid to openly discuss all things sex with her partner or potential partners. Open lines of communication are essential to ensuring the sex being had between two (or more) adults is safe and consensual and as pleasurable as possible.

They're Not Embarrassed Of Their Sexual Needs

A sex-positive woman isn't going to view her sexual needs as a burden or an inconvenience or a defect that needs to be hidden and/or fixed. No, a sex positive woman is going to see her sexual needs for everything they are; a natural part of her humanity that deserve tending to, either by herself or by someone else (and, you know, sometimes both!) Which is why she won't hesitate to voice those needs or act on those needs, which means that when you're being intimate with a sex-positive woman, you know that she's having just as much fun as you are.

They Believe All Safe Sex Is Good Sex

A sex-positive woman isn't going to shame or judge you for the kind of sex you're into. Dominant, submissive, conventional, or exploratory; it's all in good fun, and it's all for the betterment of our health and happiness. There's a wonderful freedom associated with sex positivity, a kind that gives people the courage and silent permission to explore their bodies — and the body of someone or multiple someones — without shame or anxiety and with acceptance and enjoyment. TL;DR, when you're not worried about what other people think of the kind of sex you're having, the sex you're having gets better.

They're Down To Experiment And Explore

Most sex positive women aren't afraid to explore their sexuality, so that they can find what satisfies them the most. They're acutely aware that the sex they're having with one or multiple partners is no one else's business, which gives them the security to explore their sexuality and try new things, even and especially when those things aren't openly accepted by mainstream society.

They'll Ask You What You Like

A sex-positive woman believes that sex should be beneficial for all parties involved, which means she's likely to ask you what you like, what turns you on, and if there's anything you're usually into that she isn't doing. Of course, she won't sacrifice her personal safety or comfort to ensure you climax, but she will openly communicate about what you like and don't like to make sure that your personal safety and comfort aren't jeopardized either.

They Believe A Body's Reaction To Sex Is Natural

Sex can be mess. Whether you're having period sex or pregnancy sex or you're body is secreting natural discharges, or noises are being made that often aren't depicted in the latest rom-com, a sex-positive woman isn't going to think that sex is "gross." However your body reacts to sex is going to be normal, and she isn't going to think that very real sites and sounds of sex are anything but natural.

They're Probably Body Positive, Too

Many sex positive women are also body positive women. Women who refuse to hate their bodies have amazing sex, mostly because they're confident, aren't held back by relentless insecurity and don't use sex to validate their self-worth. When you can view sex as just sex, you free simply enjoy yourself, and that's how you end up having the best sex of your life.