8 Reasons Why Being Pregnant On Christmas Is Seriously The Best

Pregnancy is a time of excitement and anticipation, much like the holidays, and so combining the two only serves to double the fun. Christmas in particular, because of the nativity story (if that's your thing) seems to celebrate new moms and pregnancy, which is just one of the many reasons why being pregnant on Christmas is the best.

It doesn't matter what stage of your pregnancy you are in during the Christmas festivities, the celebrations are sure to make you feel special. If you are in your first trimester and have decided to keep your pregnancy news to yourself, you might feel like you have a little secret gift all of your own; wrapped up safely inside your body. If you're in your second trimester and have decided to break the news to family and friends, you can use the holidays as a chance to share your announcement and receive good wishes from everyone you meet. Three years ago I spent this festive time of year expecting my baby to arrive. My son's due date was a few days before Christmas day, so my holiday time was spent imagining all the "My First Christmas" clothes he could wear and photos I would definitely take. Instead of arriving "on time," he stayed put until after the new year, so instead of spending Christmas with a newborn, I spent my Christmas, well, waiting.

If like me, you end up waddling into Christmas about to give birth at any moment, you have an undeniably valid reason not to lift a finger. So sit back, relax, open your presents, eat all the foods, and enjoy a stress-free Christmas in which you are unapologetically spoiled. After all, it might be your last relaxing holiday for a while.

You Have An "Excuse" To Eat As Much As You Like

Not that you need an excuse to indulge, of course. I mean, eat whatever you want to eat, ladies. You're grown-ass women. However, if you want to avoid that inevitable conversation with that one family member who just can't seem to mind his or her business, at least you can point to your pregnant belly while going in for seconds (or thirds).

Turkey, stuffing, and roast potatoes are not to be missed but, as an English girl, I also need my trifle and traditional chocolate yuletide log cake, thank you very much.

You Get To Wear All The Comfortable Clothes

When you're pregnant you get a free pass to dress as casually as you'd like, holiday or no holiday. So feel free to walk around in your pajamas all day long. I guarantee, no one will say a thing.

You Already Have The Best Gift

Sure it's nice to get presents, but this year you can rest easy knowing nothing will ever rival the gift you already have nestled in your body.

You Get To See The People Who Mean The Most To You

Christmas is the perfect excuse to throw parties and get friends and family together. My family and friends are split over two countries on different continents, so it can be difficult coordinating visits so I can see the people that matter the most to me.

When I was pregnant, my parents and brother flew to Canada so we could have a special Christmas together before the baby arrived. It was wonderful. A new baby tends to inspire everyone to put in a little extra effort in order to spend time together (and as the pregnant guest, you won't be the person expected to travel).

You Won't Deal With The Post-Christmas Hangover

Since the holidays are generally a time where people feel free to over-indulge, finding yourself feeling nothing short of cotton headed and "rough" the morning after a party is, well, par for the course. (Again, for some. I mean, it's not like everyone is getting wasted on Christmas. People can, and do, celebrate without libations.)

Being pregnant allows you to escape this traditional headache and keep your "rosy glow" sans alcohol. You can also act as designated driver for your friends, earning yourself "best friend award" all party season long.

You Get To Sit Back And Relax

When you're pregnant, people tend to think you've lost the ability to do much of anything at all. Sure, it's patronizing and frustrating on any other day, but come Christmas time I say just take the opportunity to have a break. Sit back, relax, and let everyone else deal with the holiday stress. You're growing a human being, so you're already busy.

You Have A Built-In Pregnancy Announcement At Your Disposal

If you haven't announced your pregnancy yet, a big family gathering may be the perfect time and place to break the news. You're bound to get a round of applause and plenty of hugs (and you might even make an elderly aunt or two cry, which is always a plus).

You Get To Start A New Year With A New Baby

Christmas signals the end of one year and the preparations for the start of a brand new one. If you're pregnant at Christmas, the new year will be monumental for you; all the expectations and anticipation that accompany the birth of a new baby seem heightened when it coincides with a new year.

I loved making my resolutions because, well, they included my new role as a mom. It was this palpable, obvious reminder that my life was going to change, and my new baby was going to be the center of it.