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8 Second Trimester Moments That Prove You're A Badass

People always describe the second trimester as the "easy" trimester. In my experience, though, and while it was the least offensive of the three, it's anything but "easy." Sure, for the most part, you'll likely be past the nausea and exhaustion part of early pregnancy. And, yes, you'll probably haven't reached the "I am so done being pregnant" stage yet. But, guys, as someone who's been pregnant three times, I can tell you that there are plenty of second trimester moments that prove you're a badass. Because when it comes to pregnancy, in general, there's not a single moment that can qualify as "easy."

For example, your second trimester is generally a time for growing and showing. As your baby grows, you'll be forced to wear maternity pants, or resign yourself to life in leggings and sundresses (like I did). As you start to show, people will start to comment about your pregnant body, saying things like, "Are you sure you aren't having twins?" and, "You look like you are about to pop." Yes, you deserve a medal for not punching them square in the nose. And don't even get me started on the people who will touch your stomach without permission. They deserve their own special level of hell, preferably far, far away from pregnant people's bodies.

On the bright side, you might actually get some of your energy back in the second trimester. Of course, in my experience, if you decide to actually go for a run or attend yoga class during your second trimester, a member of the pregnancy police is likely to try to issue a citation. My main advice for surviving the second trimester is to try to enjoy it, at least as much as you can, and take stock of the many moments that prove you are a total badass, and bound to be an awesome mom.

The First Time Someone Asks You If You Are Pregnant

I mean, if you're in your second trimester then you are, in fact, pregnant, but people don't need to ask you about it. I mean, it's just rude. Unless a person is giving birth in front of you, or asks you for pregnancy advice, just shh. Of course, dealing with these awkward moments pretty much proves how amazingly badass you are. So, proudly say, "Yes, I am," or angrily say, "No, why do you ask?" just to mess with them.

Either way, fielding constant questions about the state of your body is not easy, and you're a saint for dealing with it on the regular.

When You Pee Yourself

Yeah, so the second trimester (for me) was the beginning of having to pee all day long, and randomly peeing whenever I sneezed, coughed, or laughed. The sad part is that it didn't really get better after that, and after having three kids, it's just part of my life now. I laugh to stop from crying, and because I am a total badass.

The First Time You Feel Your Baby Kick

There's nothing more amazing than realizing that the new feeling you are experiencing is actually a baby you are growing inside your freaking body. There's nothing more badass than that. Seriously.

When You Switch To Maternity Pants

For me, the switch over to maternity clothes felt like I was admitting a defeat of some kind. They never fit right, and were super uncomfortable. So, the last time I was pregnant, I wore leggings and fold-over yoga pants instead. I didn't buy a single item of maternity clothes, save for novelty maternity t-shirts. I'm kind of proud of that.

When You Rock A Workout

I loved teaching fitness and yoga classes during my second trimester. It was so awesome to do nearly everything the guys in my class tried to do, while pregnant. I felt like Wonder Woman, because I totally was a superhero.

When You Still Have Morning Sickness

The first time I was pregnant, my morning sickness magically went away at about 13 weeks. It was amazing to wake up and finally feel OK again. But that didn't happen during the second trimesters of my next two pregnancies. I was still sick well into my second trimester. I'm still not sure how I survived, other than the fact that I am a total badass, of course.

When You Eat Whatever The Hell You Want

While I think it's awesome to finally be able to show off your bump, the second trimester also seems to bring out the worst comments regarding you decide to eat and drink. Which, is so frustrating because if you are finally past that damn morning sickness, so you are probably really hungry.

I am so over the pregnancy police commenting about what pregnant women eat and drink. Eat what you want, like a boss, because you are the boss of your own body and it's none of their business.

When You Start To Show & Someone Touches You

The second trimester is generally when you start to show. Which, unfortunately, means that it's also the time when people start touching your pregnant belly without your permission. No. Just no. Pregnancy doesn't negate your right to bodily autonomy, and the fact that you deal with these inappropriate people, establishing a set of boundaries regardless, is proof positive that you're a badass willing and able to advocate for yourself. And, one day, that baby you're currently growing.

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