8 Signs You're A Wegmans Mom

by Dina Leygerman

When I moved up to Penn State as a sophomore in college, I didn't realize my entire perspective on food shopping was going to change. For the first time in my life, I was going to grocery shop on my very own. Also, for the first time in my life, I was going to be introduced to Wegmans — the holiest of supermarkets. While there are various symptoms and signs you're a Wegmans mom, one thing is for sure: if you drive out of your way to stop by Wegmans, passing every other supermarket on the way, you're definitely one of us.

I remember walking into a Wegmans up in State College as if I were entering a magical kingdom. My roommate at the time took me on an excursion, saying something absurd like, "Wow, you've never been inside a Wegmans before? But it's the best!" I had to admit I have never visited a Wegmans in my life. I fact, I had never even heard of it. She made it her mission to have me fall in love with the supermarket, though, and she definitely succeeded. I wandered the aisles in awe. Everything was so bright and beautiful. The displays were neat, the produce looked fresh, and the prices were actually decent. I was a loyal fan from the beginning. Wegmans had me.

So, color me surprised when I discovered that Wegmans didn't exist anywhere near my house; a horrible fact I found out after I moved back home. No Wegmans near me at all? That's cruel! That's unusual! That's punishment! While I was trying to figure out my life after college, I was also mourning the loss of Wegmans, the best supermarket I have ever been to. Then, as if the gods smiled upon me, a Wegmans was built about 20 minutes from my house. I celebrated by immediately indoctrinating my family and friends. And then, eventually, I brought my kids.

You Grab The Car Cart

Wegmans has the coolest shopping carts for kids. Hell, they look like a car with steering wheels and everything, you guys. My kids love it. Sure, that thing is gigantic and is slightly difficult to navigate, but everyone moves out of the way when you're pushing it.

Your First Stop Is For Coffee

I can't start a single day without coffee, my most beloved item in the world. Listen, I don't need coffee to function, I just want coffee so I feel slightly happier about the fact that I have to go food shopping on a Sunday afternoon when everyone is food shopping at the same exact time. The coffee is really a requirement if you think about it. And Wegmans has really good coffee. You can even get a macchiato, but I usually just go for the Italian Roast. Yum.

You Grab A Bagel For Your Kids

After my kids get into our tank and after I get myself a cup of coffee, we make our way through the bakery aisle where the kids hit me up for a bagel or a pastry. If we are there for a quick trip, they can get a pastry. If, however, we are there for a full-blown food shopping, they must have a bagel since it lasts longer and keeps them quiet. (Wegmans has really delicious bagels, guys.)

You Always Stop By The Deli

The people at the deli are super nice. Actually, every Wegmans employee is super nice. I've never had a single bad experience with anything or anyone at Wegmans. If you stop by the deli, the employees will give your kids some cheese or turkey to munch on. So, we have our bagels and now we have some deli to throw on top. We are totally winning this food shopping gig.

You Make Sure To Grab Some Cheese Samples

While the deli cheese works for the kids, mama needs some real fancy cheese. Have you guys been to the cheese spot at Wegmans? If you have not, please do yourself and your soul a favor and go. The selection of cheeses is pretty amazing, and they always have samples. I also make sure to listen diligently as the man or woman behind the cheese sample counter does his or her spiel about where this particular cheese is from, and then grab the cheese sample and run. Sometimes, though, I even buy the cheese I sampled. Yes, the cheese is that good.

You Appreciate Their Organic & Special Dietary Needs Sections

The thing that first attracted me to Wegmans is their selection of organic foods. I do my best to eat somewhat organic and this magical store has some of the best selections of organic meat and produce at actually reasonable prices (not every item is reasonable, but many are). When my kids were babies, Wegmans was the spot where I bought all of my organic necessities.

You Watch The Train Over & Over Again

OK, I lied. There is one thing at Wegmans I could do without: the train. Wegmans has a little overhead train that goes around and around the aisles. It's super cute and all kids love it. Unfortunately, my son, who loves trains, makes us stand and watch this train for a good three minutes. When I try to walk away, he likes to start throwing a tantrum. So yeah, the train can be problematic.

(I'm kidding you guys, I love everything about Wegmans, including the damn train.)

You Tell Everyone About Wegmans

I tell everyone about Wegmans. So if you haven't been, go.

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